Add more tags for video samples for AI algorithm training

The Wyze Cam3 app is always asking for me to submit videos to improve its AI processing. But I’m always tagging the submission with “Nothing” because none of the other selections makes sense. There should be more choices so that the AI system can learn from our tagging the videos we submit, e.g., “bugs”, “animal”, “fox”, “cat”, “dog”, etc. The system could even allow us to enter plain text options. For example I find spiders webs often confuse the system, but have a recognizable characteristic, but I can’t tag my inputs when I see this.

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I figure they’re giving us the tags that they can use with their AI system. Some reasonable forward thinking makes sense here. And if I was Wyze, I’d just be really interested in what gets tagged.

I’m using my Wyze Cam Outdoor as a bird cam on my birdfeeder. I have the option to select what was seen to help train the AI but BIRDS is not an option. The camera used AI to even categorize videos by the breed of bird found. It would be great if the Wyze Cam AI offered the same capability, but for now, just adding “BIRD” as an AI category would be a nice start in that direction.

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Insects!!! They are attracted to the IR lights on the cameras, and they like the high corners where I mount my cameras.

Also, why is “package” even a thing? A “person” in a “vehicle” delivers all my packages. At no time has a package ever walked, rolled, flown, or skipped up to my porch lol

Please add “Insects” as a choice for “Select all that apply”, in the video feedback screen. Or perhaps even better, add an “Other” option with room for a short explanation. Currently, I choose “Nothing” if an insect triggers my cam but it is really incorrect. My cam is a V2. Thanks.

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I get a lot of person+vehicles notifications. I only get a few person+vehicle+package notifications. lol