Add More IFTTT Triggers and Actions

IFTTT Trigger when water is detected, Push SMS notification

Can we please modify the motion detect trigger to use only the Cam Plus events. I want to be able to turn on my outside lights only when a person or vehicle is detected. Just doing general motion forces the lights on and off way to much (i don’t care that a fly buzzed across the camera)… without being able to create a a trigger to this level of detail makes the CAM Plus subscription useless.

Please Add!

Please provide access to cam plus events - motion detected is not useful, detecting a person or package is.


Love my wyze watch 47mm. There has been something that I have been thinking about for a long time, you’ve started to expand shortcut actions for the shortcut buttons on the watch but in my opinion you could extend the functionality of the watch greatly by adding a shortcut for an expanded ecosystem via IFTTT. Similar to the button widget for ifttt you push it as a trigger to basically whatever ifttt recipe you want to trigger. With minimal dev effort you guys could open up a wealth of triggered actions for the watch, leaving it open ended to the user community to figure out some really good ifttt actions to take when triggered (think force phone to buzz, or ring, or even take a picture or call an uber or [insert all the thing ifttt can do]. Stretch goal would be supporting other ecosystems too (azure logic apps for example).

You also support up to 10 shortcuts i believe at one time so think of the wealth of things people could do with the extended button set, all again with minimal dev time required on your side wyze!

Thanks in advance, big fan of your whole ecosystem of products. Tell the team they all deserve to pat themselves on the back for building the brand to the point that its got fans of whatever you put out!

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I want a IFTTT trigger for when the robot vac starts and stops.
And an action to start/pause a whole house clean and return to base action.

This would be useful to turn my security system motion sensors off when the vacuum starts and tenable when it returns to base.

This is an EXCELLENT recommendation and would give the Wyze watch user a tremendous number of capabilities!

I just got done asking for the same thing (after searching, but not finding your post until just now)!


Person detection would be very helpful. Use case: set up IFTTT to turn on the lights or sound the alarm when there is person detection at night time. Assumption: this only works with those that have purchased camplus.

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