Add More Device Triggers for Wyze Rules

The door sensor can alert if left open (or closed) for a certain amount of time. Perhaps create a rule if bedroom door left open for 24 hours. And another rule for closed for 24 hours. Wyze also sells a motion sensor that provides more privacy than a camera. But it does not yet have the ability to report no motion for x hours.

Allow room sensors to automate devices plugged into smart plugs like window ac’s

This I would think would be a must have and should be relatively easy to do. It would appeal to a lot of people who try to save money by automating their HVAC equipment as much as they can.

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Need the Garage Door system to have triggers:

  • Garage door opened trigger
  • Garage door closed trigger

It seems that the wyze app rules do not have an option to create rules with the garage door opening or closing as the trigger. I see the close door command as an action, but it does not have the Garage door open or closed as a Trigger to create rules based on that.

If one uses IFTTT, it is also limited as it does not have a trigger for “garage door open” or “garage door closed”.

This limitation does not allow the garage door system to integrate with other wyze smart products.

Example… Here is what I want to do.

  • Create a rule (on wyze app or IFTTT) that is triggered when garage door opens and the action is that a Wyze light switch turns on. This automatically turns on all my garage lights when the garage door opens.
  • Now we proceed to auto turn off those garage lights (wyze switch) 20 minutes after.
  • Using IFTTT, create a trigger than when garage door opens, it runs a webhook that delays for 20 minutes. After those 20 minutes are up, it runs the action to turn off wyze switch lights off.

With this basic setup, it allows my garage lights to turn on when garage door is open and they will auto turn off 20 minutes later, regardless if garage door is still open or closed. However, this is currently not possible since there is no trigger for garage door opened or closed in order to create something like this. What are the possibilities for Wyze to create these triggers in the wyze rules and in IFTTT order to achieve this?

I tried creating this by using movement detection on the garage camera as the trigger and that managed to get the lights on. However, it FAILS to run the auto turn off the lights after 20 minutes because apparently, the lights turning on/off trigger the movement detection. So when the IFTTT applet runs the turn off command and the lights turn off, the first wyze rule to turn on when movement is detected is triggered and goes into an endless loop where the lights turn off for a second before they turn on again. In short, since the garage door open or garage door closed are not available as triggers, the auto turn on/off wyze switch is impossible without errors or loops. I have not found a solution to this other than the wyze team creating these garage door triggers.

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Please add a trigger for when the Wyze Thermostat detects a specific humidity or temperature so that it can trigger a Wyze plug to turn on (for things like a fan, a humidifier, or a dehumidifier).

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HMS triggers would be very, very useful.

Bi-Weekly Scheduling Options

This is a wish list request for bi-weekly scheduling options. For me, I am using Wyze’s bulb color outdoors and would like to set a schedule that turns the lights on and to a specific color on a bi-weekly basis, i.e. every other week.

Currently, I have not found any other means to implement this scheduling options provided.

An example of this would be:
On Thursday, start at time x with bulb color and then set an end time for that same day. Run this schedule every other Thursday based on the first Thursday it is initiated for. Or, allow for a specific date to start and then set it to run on a bi-weekly bases.

Schedules doesn’t always fall into a simple routine and bi-weekly should at least be part of this default setup.

Thank you

Allow home monitoring status (home, away, disarmed) to trigger events.

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Latest update added this (kind of)!
The issue is, the action is not reliable. I chose the new rule/device trigger that when the Garage Door Detector camera senses motion, the action is to turn on the 5 lights in the garage.
That part works like a charm, and the lights come on moments after the door begins going up!
BUT, I have found that they don’t reliably turn off after 10 minutes, per the Action settings.
I have tested it several times, and sometimes they turn off as desired after 10 min, but other times, they stay on. :confused:
Not a huge deal - I can simply tell Google Assistant to turn off the garage lights as I walk into the house, but it would be nice for the “Turn on for 10 minutes” action to just handle it reliably! Baby steps… :slight_smile:

Something to try. When lighting changes occur and shadows occur, motion can be detected. Can you group the bulbs together and do the action on the group to see if that makes it function more reliably?

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I just discovered a few minutes ago that that’s exactly what’s happening! As soon as the lights go out after 10 minutes, the garage going dark is detected as motion! And thus, the lights come back on!
What I need, really, is a trigger when the door opens rather than a trigger for motion.
In the meanwhile, I’m going to try what you suggested. :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Booooo - same thing. As soon as the lights go out, they come back on. Definitely need a trigger for when the door opens.

I reported this loop bug almost a month ago. This new update is better since now we can add the turn off lights after x time, however the garage does have that loop bug since motion as a trigger does not work.

Here is my original post (#169):

Seems it just got ignored since it was not even added to the “2 do list”.

So what I did on my Garage Door was added a Contact Sensor. My Contact Sensor is what Triggers the lights when it opens or closes. Would that work for you?

Ideal would be to have wyze simply add the garage door open/close as a trigger on the rules and on IFTTT.

However, in the meantime I would be interested in setting up a sensor as you mention. Can you share more details on that? What sensor you got, hiw you set it up, etc.

Thank you spamoni4.

I am actually using the Wyze Contact Sensor mounted on the side of the Garage Door. Then I setup a Rule where the trigger is Contact Sensor is open turn on x lights. When Sensor shows Closed turn off the lights. I have the Wyze Hub Sense for Motion and Contact.

I do know that if you use Alexa you can get other contact sensors, supported by Alexa, and trigger off of that via an Alexa Routine. This works because of the Wyze Skill and another skill for the sensor you purchased.

Mark down another vote for HMS System mode/status. The system really needs a much better visual representation of status. Old system had a white or red led that gave you and indication even in pitch black. I’d settle for being able to set the color or turn on a wyze bulb based on a rule that they system can trigger.


Using the wyze sensors is not an option then. Those require the Wyze Sense Hub and the home monitoring system comes attached with a monthly fee. Not interested in getting all that for just a garage door to function correctly.

I was hoping you were using a sensor that didn’t require so much expense.

Thank you anyway.

You can get another sensor which works with Alexa and then use that to trigger Wyze Bulbs as well.

I have read where individuals get the Wyze HMS on a monthly subscription and cancel after a month.

Trying to provide potential options.

Please add thermostat trigger when heating/cooling mode goes OFF. (currently have a trigger for each when they go ON, but not when they go OFF.)


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Add an off trigger for cool mode and heat mode for the Wyze thermostat

I have booster fans that turn on with the AC unit to help cool the house using the on trigger built into the Wyze thermostat.

It would be nice to not have to rely on mode changes or timers to turn these fans off but instead have them turn off when the AC stops.