Add More Device Triggers for Wyze Rules

Would like to see a trigger for home monitoring activate/deactivate. This would enable the ability to turn inside cameras on/off.

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Currently, the only action for the Wyze Lock is to trigger on lock/unlock and nothing more specific.

My use-case is that essentially I want to trigger my Wyze Cam to come online and start recording when my front door is unlocked manually but not if a user unlocks it from the app.

This allows me to record whoever is coming in if they’re not unlocking the door from the app. The downside of this is that it also triggers when you manually unlock from the inside but I plan on also having a rule when the door is locked by a user to turn the camera off so it should negate it.

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It would be great to be able to use the siren and floodlight as a trigger. It would be useful in syncing all sirens to go off at once. It would also be useful to be able to set it up with other rules.

These changes were implemented in the lastest update and seem to work well. Thank you to Wyze support.

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We need rules to turn on and off the spotlight.


Wyze Lock Keypad shortcuts

Would it be possible to create a shortcut that mutes my camera notifications whenever certain passcodes are used to unlock my wyze lock?

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Enable/Disable Notifications based on state of the home

There should be an option to automatically disable notifications from either all devices or from specific devices (i.e motion sensor) when the system is disarmed. Similarly, when the system is in the home or away state the notifications should automatically enable. Currently the only option is to disable or enable all notifications manually. The user shouldn’t need to manually do this as it should be possible to set a trigger.

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