Add More Device Triggers for Wyze Rules

Sunset/Sunrise Expanded Time Range

Glad to see that the Sunset/Sunrise trigger has been added.

But can you expand the trigger to allow more than 59 minutes before or after sunset/sunrise. Maybe I want a rule that would allow me to turn on a lightbulb 2 or 4 hours after sunset. Not sure why the limit is 1-59 minutes.

i’d like to be able to make a rule for lights based on a light scene i made. it’s a pain to have to manually do that after the device is on.

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i agree. i’d like to make a rule for cameras and siren based on what it detected and the time it detected it.

Can pet detection be used as a trigger for rules?

[Mod Note]: Your topic was merged to this #wishlist request for better visibility. Wyze Cam detects Package, Pet, Vehicle have been added as requested device triggers. Remember to scroll up to the top and click the VOTE button.

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I can’t say I’ve seen any of the CamPlus AI detections available as a rule trigger. Only place I’ve seen even person detection is in the Alexa app with the Wyze integration. As far as I know CamPlus just tags the videos and doesn’t do anything more.

Update: Person detection is a trigger for rules, but not vehicle, package or pet.


beat me to it lol

This is something that I would also like to see! I live in the country. I have stray dogs getting on my porch. I would at least like to have the alarm come on for 10-15 seconds when a “pet” is detected.

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Similar to this, Eufy Indoor cams have a pretty cool feature. When a pet is detected in a special action zone (ie: anywhere on the couch), you can have it play a customized response (so people use this to have it detect when their dog jumps up on the couch and then have it have their voice yell at the dog to get down). It would be pretty cool if Wyze allows us a similar rule, to let us play custom pre-recorded voice messages as an action tied to any rule. This would be so incredibly useful! Even if the audio had to be stored on the camera SD card, or the Hub or something, it would be so cool to have a customized voice command available as an action based on any trigger, including pet detection.

I’m voting for this one…surprised you can’t select groups…only devices.

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I would like to see notification be able to be turned on when I leave home automatically. For example when the app/phone is not on the same wifi network as my camera’s notifications for cameras come on. When I return home and I am back on my home wifi notifications turn off.

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^^ this is similar to what I was asking for nearly a year ago but more so with the HOME MONITORING

it seems so simple:

When I arm my system turn on notifications and event recording

When I disarm, I’m obviously home, and want notifications and event recording turned off.

For the LIFE of me I can’t figure out why there doesn’t seem to be much integration between the home monitoring system and the cameras


It should be all one ecosystem with lots of interplay.

Since it seems that the ability to disarm / arm the home monitoring system through Alexa isn’t possible due to extra cost that Amazon would charge Wyze, how about you make the ability to create device triggering Wyze rules with the home monitoring system so we can create a work around.

For example, if a Wyze plug is turned on, change the home monitoring status to “Armed”.

This way we can create an Alexa routine to tell Alexa to “Arm the House” and all the routine is doing is turning on the Wyze plug but since there would be a Wyze rule in place that is Arming the security system when the Wyze plug is turned on, it would ultimately arm the house.

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Please make the spotlight able to trigger an event when you go to create a “Device Trigger” rule.
I.e. if the spotlight has been on for X time, turn it off. The spotlight should have the same rules as a plug/lightbulb.
This would let us have our own custom motion detection schedules.
One rule can say, when motion is detected, turn on the camera during a specific time/day while another rule can get the spotlight to turn off after a certain amount of time.
I don’t want motion-triggered lights during certain days of the week.