Add More Device Triggers for Wyze Rules

Hi Wyze. Reading thru this list it appears that not much action is taken. It would be great if Wyze looked at charging a services fee (like cam plus) for a richer/advanced rules engine and then could setup a team to focus on these kind of requests. Wyze are great products, however there is a lack of software/connectivity between the wzye devices which really holds it back as a full smart home (automation) solution.

Allow setting a trigger rule that when the HMS alarm has been activated, it can trigger the sirens on other WYZE cams also.

I’d like to use home monitoring alarm activation as a trigger. Use case: when home monitoring alarm activated, trigger v3 cam siren to go off. I have a detached garage so an intruder may not be warded off by an alarm they can’t hear.


I wish there was a way to use the chime with the rules. I would love to be able to set a rule that if a camera detects a person it will trigger the chime to ring or something.

Thank you!

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As I am totally deaf and can not hear any sounds in my house, I often use smart lights (Hue, Lifx and Nanoleaf-my favorite)to alert to get my attention and leave my iPhone on the kitchen countertop. I would like Wyze to develop triggers for the Wyze Lock to open/close/lock/unlock

Am familiar with use of IFTTT depending on availability of triggers and actions.


I would love to have the ability to have the WYZE Cam v3 trigger an action of turning on the sprinklers when detected intruding animals are in the garden or trespassers are creeping around behind the house where they are not supposed to be.

I think this is a bug and not a feature request, but here goes anyway - if I add Cam Plus to the Video Doorbell, I get person detection which is not native to the device. Cool, right? So now I can create a rule to turn on a Wyze Bulb if the doorbell detects a person. Perfect! Works like a charm.

However, if I add Cam Plus to the Outdoor Cam, I can only use motion detection as a trigger to a rule. Why on earth would Person Detection not be available as a rule trigger here?

I wish to use my WCO’s with Cam Plus to trigger a rule based on Person Detection which seems like a no-brainer given WCO’s now have PD because of Cam Plus. If Cam Plus allows WCO’s to detect people, it should certainly be able to be used in a rule trigger. Why the option isn’t available is beyond me.

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I’d like for the ability to change the scene of the WYZE Bulb Color to another specific scene.

At the moment I have to use a shortcut to manually reset a couple groups of the color bulbs whenever a trigger happens, would like more automation abilities.


  1. Front Patio Doorbell Camera detects Person
  2. Bulb A triggers Scene A that turns on Light and changes to specific color and temperature lets say “RED AT 100%”
  3. Bulb A then has another rule that whenever Scene A is on for for X amount of minutes will revert back to a specific default scene lets say “BLUE AT 25%”

For example on a property that I have I’d like to be notified if someone triggered the Front Porch and Backyard cameras, trigger my living room ceiling fan bulbs to RED AT 100% for the Front Porch and YELLOW AT 100% for the backyard while always staying at a specific default color BLUE AT 25%.

Thanks for the great products you create WYZE, truly enjoy them for the price and quality you provide!

Wyze Plug Outdoor - Allow change in draw as trigger:

It would be really nice to use the power draw as a trigger in a rule.

Example: My TV has a USB port that is always on. I would like to power a LED String back light but only when the TV is on.
With a double plug, i could plug the TV into one outlet and the LED String lights in the other.
When I turn the TV on, the power usage goes up and this could then trigger the LED String lights (outlet 2) to power on. When I turn the TV off, the draw would drop and outlet 2 would switch off again.

There really is no good other way to do this beside putting a remote on the string lights but that would be a manual process (who wants that!)

Thank you!


Not ideal, but as a stopgap solution, leave the LED string plugged into the TV’s USB port, leave the TV powered on, plug TV into the Wyze Plug Outdoor and use the Wyze app to power TV on/off (this assumes TV maintains previous state (on) when power is lost/restored). Or plug the TV into one outlet, the string into the other outlet and simultaneously power both on/off with one button push via the Wyze app.

I’d like to have a rule where the device trigger is a person, not just motion, as that would make more sense in deciding what action to take, like setting off the siren, for instance. The AI ability is otherwise going to waste when it comes to the rules.

While motion detected and person detected are available triggers when creating a rule, pet and vehicle detected are not. This is something I feel most users who use rules would find beneficial.

My particular use case would involve a rule where when a pet is detected in our backyard the wyze cam V3 siren would sound. The hope here being when the neighborhood cats sneak into our yard in the middle of the night it would startle them and stop them from pooping in our yard!

I am sure there are other uses that the Wyze community can come up with. For instance a camera in a garage detecting a vehicle entering turns on the lights inside the house when it’s night time so you don’t enter a dark home.

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That’s a great idea. I’m sure everybody — cat owners and others — would totally appreciate your effort. I think every home should have sirens that go off nightly.

the sarcasm is really apparent & not helpful.
Besides putting in a pet trigger wouldn’t be a mandatory feature for anyone to implement.

Wyze plug trigger for resetting router

Can you make a trigger if the plug looses internet for a given amount of time to turn the plug off wait 1 minute then turn back on. In frequently I have to reset my connection.

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That would be great! I’ve had one plug disconnect from the wifi for no apparent reason and sometimes even unplugging and replugging it doesn’t help. I end up have to re-pair it with the app.

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I’d like to see additional device triggers for the thermostat.

I have a use case where I need to turn on/off Wyze plugs when my HVAC unit turns on/off. Currently there are triggers for when the cold/hot mode turns on, but not off. There also isn’t any trigger for when just the blower turns on as I have my t-stat setup to run the blower for a minimum number of minutes every hour to circulate the air in my house.

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Trigger for when motion is not detected for 3D printing

I would love to request that you add a new action trigger to the list in the app:
When motion isn’t detected.

You may not be aware of this but your cameras are popular in the world of 3d printing hobbiests. We use them to watch are printers while they are doing their work. So for us, we dont need to trigger an action based on movement or person detection, but rather when there is no motion. For us, no motion means our project is finished, or there is a problem. So it would be nice to trigger a notification when the camera doesnt see any motion.

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In similar fashion, it would be great to be notified when sound stops. Can be used to determine when the washing machine or dryer is finished

Need to be able to have multiple device triggers with in a rule so that of you want all your door sensors to turn on a light you don’t need a seperate rule for each trigger device. I can do this witj Samsung smarthings but not Wyze.

[Mod Note]: Your request is covered by existing request in 1st post, “Wyze sense/bulb groups (eg. any contact of group opens, all contacts of group close)”.