Add More Device Triggers for Wyze Rules

If we could pair a camera to a plug , then if the camera is offline, cycle power on the plug once


Would like a rule to turn plug off when HVAC turns off (Heating or Cooling). Right now there is a trigger to turn plug on but no trigger to turn off.

Would like to submit Wyze rules that trigger off the Home Monitoring System.

So when I set the system to “Away” it will set the Wyze Thermostat to away and if i set the monitoring system to home/disarmed it would go back to its normal schedule.


I would love to be able to use the chimes intruder alarm as a trigger for door/motion sensors while I’m out of town. The doorbell has its own sound and wouldn’t need the chime while I’m gone. This would give the chime a multi-purpose and would consider ordering more for around the house. It has the loudest decibels between the v3 cam, chime and home monitoring service siren. If there is a way to add it as a trigger please consider it.

I would like to be able to create rules with the new Colored Bulbs. For instance, when it is night time and I wake up to use the restroom. My motion sensor will turn on the bathroom light but it will turn on as red, so it is not so hard on the eyes in the middle of the night. You can only currently use between the different whites, that only the original bulbs had.

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one way around that currently is to set the bulb to the color you want. when you set a rule to turn the bulb on it automatically uses the last color it was set on. I have some that if a person is detected on my stairs in the middle of the night, a couple bulbs turn on and I have them set for red. it works great.

I’d love to see the vacuum available as device triggers and device actions in Rules.

This would allow for routines like:

  • Start cleaning when I lock the door
  • Trigger a notification 10 minutes before the vacuum is about to start
  • Pause cleaning when camera detects a person
  • Turn light red when bin is full or vacuum gets stuck

Specific device triggers I think would be useful:

  • Vacuum starts cleaning
  • Vacuum gets stuck
  • Vacuum docks
  • Vacuum is scheduled to start (with adjustable pre-start timer, e.g. trigger 10 minutes before scheduled start)
  • Vacuum enters a room
  • Bin is full

Specific device actions I think would be useful:

  • Start cleaning
  • Select rooms to clean
  • Select power level
  • Pause cleaning
  • Resume cleaning
  • Return to dock
  • Drive to specified location without vacuuming (I keep my dock under my bed, which is great until I need to empty the bin. It would be great to be able to summon the vacuum to a spot in the open where I could empty the bin, clean the roller, and then send it home)

Thank you!


Since the V3’s have a siren as well and the siren is not the loudest, would be cool of the siren from the V3’s could go off together with the siren from the sense hub.


I love this idea. Would like to see the schedules/etc be integrated more into the app, and not device area itself. To allow more integration between other wyze devices and automations.

Now with Home Monitoring, it would be great to be able to trigger lights when the security system sends these triggers:

  • Entry Delay started and ended
  • Exit Delay started and ended
  • Alarm is armed for Home
  • Alarm is armed for Away
  • Alarm is Disarmed
  • Alarm is triggered

These would cause me to really invest in the Wyze ecosystem to have a smart home with Wyze at its center.

Yes! I want to turn a Wyze plug on and off when the hvac system turns on and off, not just when it changes schedules or turns modes on. I want it to turn a plug on when the system turns the fan on.

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Same. I think it would add so much value to the Wyze family if the thermostat could be set to home or away by the home monitoring keypad system.

I asked for this as well. I have an inline booster fan that right now runs constantly. If I could connect it to the Wyze Plug and set the above rule it would be perfect!

I did not see this in the forums but it would be neat if an outside motion detector set off the sprinkler system to deter either animals or humans from getting too close to the house.

Add the following rules

  • If This “And/Or That” , Then … (I.e if hallway camera detects motion and hallway motion sensor detects motion then trigger siren on hallway camera… Or if hallway camera detects motion or living room camera detects motion then both cameras siren goes on…

Add the group of devices to the device list
(I.e if “Indoor Cameras” detect motion then ) (refering to the group containing all indoor cameras

Add the siren of the Sense Hub to the devices that can be triggered by the rules

Add keypad codes to triggers
(I e ; if keypad entry = 0000; turn off all cameras )


Has Wyze implemented any of the features discussed on this list? After seeing no action for a year, I got tired of reading suggestions. We recently passed the two year mark since this was started so I’m curious as to whether it’s meant anything.

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Good question!

I just set up Home Monitoring at my business, where I run a mix of 6 v2 and v3 cams. I would like a simple rule that says when my alarm is set to “disarm”, then push notifications and motion detection is turned off…very simple.


Wouldn’t it be a great feature if you could create a rule that triggered the sprinklers if motion was detected in your yard?

It would be nice to be able to have a trigger event occur, however wait/delay the action in the rule. Example, Sensor is triggered, but wait 5 minutes before running action.