Add More Device Triggers for Wyze Rules

With the amount of products being released growing and the requests for more Wyze Rule Device Triggers, we have consolidated them here.

This list is for Wyze Rule Device Triggers (device events that can trigger a Wyze Rule Action). For more Wyze Rule Actions, see this related topic: Add More Actions for Wyze Rules.

Please click VOTE at the top to indicate your desire for more Wyze Rule Device Triggers. You can reply to this topic with thoughts on which of these are most important to you, We understand that having these requests consolidated in a single #wishlist topic means that you can’t vote on them individually. That is why commenting about your favorites, use cases, and personal significance is important. Wyze will consider those comments in prioritizing implementation.

Existing Device Triggers (automations):

  • Motion/Sound/Smoke/CO Detected (per camera)
  • Time of Day/Day of Week
  • Sense Motion detects motion / becomes clear (and for X time)
  • Sense Contact opens/closes (and for X time)
  • Wyze Bulb turns on/off (and for X time)

Requested Device Triggers:

  • Wyze Sense detections [implemented]
  • Leaving/Entering Wifi Area
  • Leaving/Entering Geographical Area (see also Multiple User Geofencing (Geo Location))
  • IFTTT Action
  • Alexa Trigger
  • Google Trigger
  • Camera motion clear (not detected) for X minutes
  • Camera night vision switches on/off
  • Wyze sense/bulb groups (eg. any contact of group opens, all contacts of group close)
  • Device goes online/offline
  • Wyze Lock is locked or unlocked, by method (key/keypad/app/auto)
  • Wyze Lock Keypad - wrong code entered
  • Wyze Band - heart rate above/below user set threshold
  • Outdoor Cam Above/Below X% charge
  • Wyze Contact Sensor is open at X time
  • Wyze Contact Sensor Status (open/closed)
  • Wyze Cam Detects light change
  • Motion/Person no longer detected

If more (reasonable) suggestions are made in the comments, they will be added to the above list.

Detect by phone app by following
a. leaving wifi coverage area ,
b. geo fence feature of phones GPS ,
c. trigger from smart assistance ( ALEXA /Google/IFTTT),
( they have this feature to arm the security alarm and lights to off when you leave home by saying the trigger command ).

  • To complement the “motion detected” trigger for the Wyze Cam, how about a “no motion detected” or “motion cleared” trigger? Apparently it exists for the Wyze Sense, not for the Cam. This would allow to turn off/dim a light that was triggered on by the motion detection.

  • The camera seems to know when to enable de IR lights and turn nightvision, so how about using that same logic for a “it’s dark outside” trigger? That way, all exterior lights can turn on when it’s dark. My work around is to use IFTTT+WeatherUnderground to see my sunset/sunrise times.

I have added each of those suggestions to the list at the top. Thanks.

I agree, for a hardware driven company, I would like the see more attention give the the software side. I think also driving the software end would make more useful and help drive sales. See apple, now software drive.

To improve personal privacy what about adding the option to turn the camera when the primary users’ phones are connected to the same WiFi network as the camera. This would allow cameras comfortably in all areas of the house without privacy concerns of recording yourself while at home.

We use our camera primarily to watch the dog when he’s alone. No need to see myself watching TV.

It would also be nice to have an option to give notifications
if there is no motion for an ajustable time lapse.
I’m using the cam to monitor my mother’s place and this could be useful for me.

The plug device triggers are a great step forward but they need more options (ie. triggers last for a specific time period or can trigger multiple devices).

I am looking for simple following action for my Wyze Plug and Lamp integration.

When Wyze Plug offline, turn off the Wyze Lamp
When Wyze Plug online, tun on the Wyze Lamp

In order to have this, Wyze Plug needs to add offline and online actions.

I think you mean “trigger” rather than “action”. Accordingly, I have moved your post over here to the Rule Triggers #wishlist topic and added device online/offline to the requested triggers list at the top.

Be sure to scroll to the top and VOTE.

Hello! I have had a number of times when a remote Wyze cam lost connection after the Wifi went out. I would love to be able to configure a Wyze plug that has a camera plugged into it, to automatically restart if the camera is offline. Kind of like a “Watchdog” feature.


Hi @cam6: The feature listed at the top “Device goes online/offline” would let you accomplish what you’re after. This is why I merged your post here.

Please VOTE for it. For your vote to count, you must click the VOTE button at the top of the page.

Adding local Sunrise/Sunset to the list. I have heat lamps for my lizard that ideally should but turned on and off at sunrise and sunset. Would be nice to set up my plug to turn them on and off at sunrise and sunset and not have to tweak it every month or so.

They are actually researching this if you hop over to this thread you can add your vote/opinion

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After at least 2, but mostly 4-6 events pr day when using Auto Night Vision Mode i hope you can implement a function to automaticly turn off Motion detection when switching to/from Night Mode, and turn on again when the switch is done. Of course with a control on event recording is aready running (then delay the switch).

With the addition of sensors the Wyze system could easily be set up as a simple inexpensive security alarm. However the ability to do this is made more difficult by the inability to use more than one individual sensor to trigger an action. We really need to have the ability to add more than one trigger in the rule creation. Another possible way around this would be to have the ability to trigger based on groups. Also, it would be great to have the ability to send notifications based on the group of sensors as well as individual sensors. These abilities would make the system much more usable as a simple security system and should be relatively simple programming changes to the app.

Note this item in the original post:

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Create a rule based on how someone opens a lock (key or app or manual

With this format, I can tell the device to start or stop recording.

@Nimma I have added this request to the list at the top of topic.

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I would suggest a way to set multiple sensors to trigger the same actions (any sensor opens/detects motion, then turn on a smart plug (with a siren plugged in).

Also, the ability to create a shortcut to quickly enable/disable trigger rules all at the same time from the home screen.

Finally, when you set a trigger rule and enable a schedule, as of now, if you make the trigger all day then go back to the schedule it does not remember the original time setting. It makes you re-enter the start and end time every time you re-enable the schedule. It should remember the previously set schedule.