Add more Alexa Triggers

I have purchased most of the Wyze products and I’m one of the few that seem to actually like the Ecosystem. My biggest complaint is integrations always seem like an afterthought. I use Alex or Home Assistant for my automations because the rules engine within Wyze is still very underdeveloped.

Please add Leak Sensors as a trigger for Alexa!


We need an optional trigger for a “lost pet”… a pet without a person.

Say, for example, your dog got loose, but managed to find his way back to your house a coupla days later. The camera could detect a lost pet, and, Alexa could announce that a dog has been detected.

Make more sensors visible to Alexa and IFTTT

The heat/humidity and water-leak sensors would be useful input to home automation. For example, I may want to run a whole-house fan if the inside temperature is above 80 degrees and the outside air is both cooler and not overly humid.

(And yes, it would also be nice to have a weather -safe version of the them/humidity sensor, but I can kluge my own shelter for the existing one, or put it in a sheltered corner of the porch.)

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If Wyze just documented API’s, there are folks who would be delighted to create and donate bridges to just about anything in the home automation ecosystem.

Or provide a NodeRED plugin and we’ll build the bridges using that. I’m already using NodeRED to bridge some ancient X10 hardware, and will be using it soon to connect to custom interfaces I’ve built.

The device I’m most interested in right now is the temp/humidity sensor. The 3-pack is relatively cheap, and it would be a useful input to scatter around the house for HVAC intelligence. Smart things does put temperature sensing in almost everything they sell, which is a nice “free bonus” feature, but there are still areas I don’t already have coverage for and the idea of having humidity data so I could build the controls around perceived conditions rather than raw temperature is Really Interesting.

(On the hardware side: I want a wired probe for temperature, like the cabled moisture sensor, so I could drill a small hole and take a measurement inside walls for early warning of pipe-freeze conditions. That’s more of a risk for some of us than basement freezing.)