Add more Alexa Triggers

Ok , yes definitely Wyze will need to add the options to the alexa app for that to works.

I just got the doorbell because I was tired of charging my Outdoor cam every 2 weeks. After installing it, I realized there is no option in Alexa to use the doorbell as a person detection device because it only has an option for when the doorbell is pressed.

Please, give us the ability to have Person detection on the doorbell as a trigger for Alexa notifications.

Sometimes delivery people and other people come to my door without pressing the doorbell. I really would like person detected announcement option on my doorbell like my Wyze cameras have. Also, it is a good security feature at night to be alerted if someone is lurking around your front door.

This needs more attention. Right now the only integration is for person detection (in Alexa app). This needs to be expanded for AI alerts from Wyze. I think its insane that this hasn’t been improved further. Wyze is crazy for not adding these integrations soonest. I reached out to the support team and they told me to go to the wishlist to vote or add feedback. If Wyze is going to advertise integration with Alexa it better actually provide integration that works.

I agree what Alexa should be able to use the Doorbell as a Camera as well. However, you can do a work around if you are interested, for example:

  • Setup a Rule in the Wyze app which turns on a Wyze Plug if a Person is detected on the Doorbell Cam,
  • In Alexa, you setup a routine which does a custom Announcement like “Person Detected on Doorbell Cam” when the Outlet goes on. the do a wait for about 30 seconds to a minute and then another action which will turn off the Outlet.

This will basically provide what you are looking for until the Wyze and Alexa integration is updated.

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Good points. I was referring more to the fact that Wyze skills in Alexa do not include AI alerts. For example, I have the cam plus service and want to trigger an event when a vehicle is detected that is different than when a person is detected. Currently there’s no way to do this as the only trigger from the Wyze skill is “person”. While this is useful it doesn’t help much in actually utilizing the AI alerts from cam plus anywhere but in the Wyze ecosystem. I use several Wyze devices but I also have a lot of other things so I need Alexa as the smart home hub to interact with all the devices. Wyze is currently far from delivering on this, and I think it should be treated as a bug not a wishlist item as they advertise that they work with Alexa. In reality they sorta work with Alexa for some things. Frustrating.

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I understand, my apologize. I misunderstood the issue. I do agree that Alexa and Wyze integration can be enhanced.

Thanks for clarifying this.

The Alexa Skill only supports Person Detection. Would like to have it also have a Vehicle Detection option. This could be used to detect a vehicle passing thru the cameras vision field, resulting in a voice announcement via Alexa.


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Yes! All of the alert types should be supported!

I’d really benefit from Vehicle Detected by Camera. My camera is overlooking my long driveway and it would be great to know a car drove in. It would allow me to record the license plate of any car.

Also would be great to have Camera detects motion. I could probably make that work for my driveway application and use it for the main entry door. Plus, I could use it on the cameras that don’t have the cam+ plan.
Thanks for the great work Wyze!

Add Leak Sensor triggers for Notifications of when a leak/water is detected or cleared


Motion trigger feature in ALEXA routines in Wyze V3

Hoping Wyze will release a firmware update which will let Wyze Camera V3 trigger MOTION Alexa routines without Cam Plus subscription. Right now in order for Wyze Camera V3 trigger alert to Alexa devices ( Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, Amazon dot) is to have Wyze Cam plus PERSON DETECTION. There is other option like MOTION trigger other than person detection.

It would be nice to have a MOTION trigger firmware added to Alexa routines for Wyze Camera V3 without Cam Plus subscription.

Add Alexa trigger “When Leak Sensor senses moisture”

Enable Person Detection Annoucements for Alexa for Doorbell Pro

Having person detection announcements on our Alexa devices when our Outdoor Cam detects someone is a handy thing to have. Our new Doorbell Pro has announcement capability when someone presses the button, but not when it detects a person. I would love to have the ability to enable person detection announcements on Alexa.

If you think this would be useful, please vote for this!


Alexa routine based on AI detection other than person

Since cams plus can identify things like package or pets, it would be nice to be able to use those options with Alexa routines. Currently it only allows for person detection.

There is a thread linked below, though not suggested as a feature.

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The pet detection as you have on person detection with camera would be great

You can do this for person, with cams plus.

  • Open Alexa app
  • More → Routines → (+) Add
  • Under " When this happens" choose “Smart Home” choose the camera with cams plus, and click person.
  • Under “Action” choose “Alexa Says” and put your custom message. You can add additional actions, such as lights on or other things, depending on your smart devices.

Unfortunately, at this point, it only works with people.

Mild edit: with the new free cams plus lite, I think this will now work without a full cams plus account.

I would like Alexa triggers for package detection. I would also like to be able to turn off an Alexa enabled light when no motion is detected for a given amount of time. I can do this with my blink outdoor camera but not the wyze cameras. Eg. Blink camera: when a motion is detected my light turns on. When there is no motion for 10 min the light turns off. I would like to switch to wyze camera but this simple inability is preventing that.

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As far as the automatic off, this is a rule in Alexa. Add 3 actions to the Routine. Action 1 ON, action 2 WAIT and set your preferred timing, action 3 OFF

add motion announcements option in Alexa for door bell

doorbell announcements exists in Alexa already. looking to have motion announcements also as an option in Alexa.

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