Add more Alexa Triggers

With the amount of products being released growing and the requests for more Alexa interactions increasing, we have consolidated them here.

This list is for Alexa triggers (Wyze events that can trigger Alexa, aka “when this happens…”). For Alexa Actions, see this related topic: Add More Alexa Actions.

Please click VOTE at the top to indicate your desire for more Alexa Triggers. You can reply to this topic with thoughts on which of these are most important to you, We understand that having these requests consolidated in a single #wishlist topic means that you can’t vote on them individually. That is why commenting about your favorites, use cases, and personal significance is important. Wyze will consider those comments in prioritizing implementation.

Existing Triggers (“when this happens…”):

  • Contact Sensor Opens
  • Contact Sensor Closes
  • Motion Sensor Detects Motion
  • Motion Sensor Motion Not Detected for HH:MM
  • WYZE Lock Locks
  • WYZE Lock Unlocks
  • WYZE Lock Jammed

Requested Triggers (“when this happens…”):

  • When a contact sensor has been open for (x) minutes
  • Wyze Plug turns on/off
  • Camera detects motion
  • Trigger routines based on Sensor groups
  • Person Detected by Camera (already implemented)
  • Sensor low battery condition
  • Doorbell is Rung (already implemented)

If more (reasonable) suggestions are made in the comments, they will be added to the above list.

Enable Alexa to have it announce when the Contact Sensor is left open.

I would like for Alexa triggers to be more than just the sensors. There are instances where I could use a plug powering on as a trigger, or a camera sensing motion as a trigger.

For example, if motion on camera were captured, I’d like to be able to tell Alexa to say “motion sensed on backdoor camera”. But since camera motion is not an Alexa trigger, I don’t think I can do it.

[Moderator Note: This is a merged #wishlist submission. The requests of this post have been added to the list at the top.]

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I am trying to utilize Wyze Cam and Sensors as my home security system solution. However Alexa Routines do no accept multiple triggers and you have to create SEPARATE ROUTINE for each sensor and every night SEPARATELY TURN THEM ON with Alexa.

(1) Wzye’s eco-system iOS App app sends a notification when a sensor is triggered. However, there are two caveats (a) Wyze has not acquired “Critical Alert” certification from Apple. So Wyze’s notifications are silenced if Iphone is on Silent or “Do not disturb is turned on”. ADT app for example has this Critical Notification setting enabled on iOS devices. Wyze MUST get this ASAP (b) You cannot change notification sound and current sound may not even wake you up.
(2) Wyze’s “Mute” and/or “Unmute” options for sensor works very well within Wyze App. I mean you can create Shortcuts and Schedules to activate/deactivate sensors individually or in groups. However, this setting does not affect the Alexa intergration.

**Possible Solution:
(1) Wyze can configure its system to make its current native setting “Muting” and “Unmuting” sensors to take affect its interface with Alexa. In other words, if I mute (deactivate) a sensor within Wyze App, then it shall not send any notification to Alexa Skill. Therefore, by this workaround, I can set individual Routines in Alexa for each Sensor, but I can unmute and mute, arm and disarm, if you will, sensors within Wyze app with a single shortcut or schedule (which is already a feature of Wyze) app and wont have to worry about enabling each routine every time I want to arm or disarm my system.
(2) Wyze can define the “Grouped” Sensors as a new device while translating this setting to Alexa Skill, so that multiple sensor can be seen as one in Alexa and I wont have to create separate routines for each Sensor.

Either solution 1 or 2 above will fix the issue and Wyze extends its customer scale by giving people opportunity to create their own home security system with ease of single command arming and disarming. BETTER YET, if both 1 and two above can be achieved, then I will once again salute Wyze who already deserves 5 star rating by their product quality and reasonable price. Thanjs

I have added this:

to the list at the top. This would satisfy your solution #2 I believe. Note that there is an existing #wishlist topic for Critical Alerts on iOS and Wyze Sense to Alert through Do Not Disturb/Sleep mode.

Can’t figure out play warning beeps on Alexa when door is NOT closed within 60 seconds

  • can’t make such routine in alexa?
  • IFTT can do the logic, but can’t activate Alexa

voting for: Report when a contact sensor has been open for (x) minutes

other things I am not sure where is covered (trusting moderators to crosspost)

  • context passing (I’m home, I’m awake, sleep time etc) to finetune Alexa behavior in routines
  • ANY contact sensor opens (else need to clone routine per door) // low pri, just convenience

This is already in the list at the top in the form:

  • Trigger routines based on Sensor groups

Wyze cam person detection trigger Alexa routine. NEED THIS!

I would like to see all of the features in the Wyze app, plus some additional, available in Alexa as triggers and actions for routines.

For example:
Wyze Cam v2 (new feature)
Wyze app allows on/off by time but not location. Alexa only has Cam v2 person detection as a routine trigger and no actions available.
My goal is to be able to turn the camera on/off by voice and/or location. The reason I want this added to alexa is so that I can trigger multiple things to happen at once when I am home/away. Please add location as a trigger.
Please add cam on/off.

Wyze Contact Sensor
Wyze app offers door left open for “x” time for notifications.
Alexa offers contact sensor opens/closes but not is open/closed for “x” time.
Please add open/closed for “x” time to Alexa as triggers.

Wyze lock
Wyze app offeres auto-lock and auto-unlock based on location.
Alexa only allows you to lock (not unlock) the door in a routine. Alexa does not allow wyze lock to be part of a location based routine.
Please add location based lock options in alexa.
Please allow unlock option in routines.

I want to have Alexa working seamlessly with my cameras and the Wyze doorbell that is coming out

I would like to see a low battery alert for the motion and contact sensors in IFTTT and/or Alexa

Please add the feature to see who press the doorbell button on the echo show. Thanks.