Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

BUMP repeating this same thing, over three years later.

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Shoot, was about to start my own thread, but looks like 3 years later still no solution. My patio constantly has enough stray light to always stay out of IR. I tried manually turning on IR at night and it’s much better! Def need this feature to lock it in IR at certain times of the day.

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Most people have stopped complaining because the solution was to go with the much improved starlight sensor of the V3, which shows night time captures in normal light, unless normal light isn’t enough. Is this a V2 or V3? Can you post a log?

It’s V3. Yeah, I mean it’s not bad and quite good, but IR clears up all the shadows which is awesome! Hopefully it’ll become an option later

Same problem here - the starlight sensor is not good enough where I live so I have 5 IR illuminators which give really good images.

BUT- Every night and every morning I have to switch between night vision and day vision.

Can it be difficult for Wyze to add scheduling so I don’t have to bore myself stupid switching them manually?

‘Auto’ Night Vision doesn’t switch for you?

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Glad to hear there’s other people that feel the same! Not quite dark enough to auto switch, and IR is much better.

Not at the correct light levels. It’s too dark before night vision switches on in auto mode so I cannot see details in day vision.

I agree.

I have one camera that sees a street lamp and it never switches to night vision in auto, but the light also casts shadows. The only way to see in the shadows is to illuminate it with IR and switch to night vision

Months later, nothing.

Did you expect Wyze to do anything about it? - I didn’t.

I need this, too! I have 2 cameras and they both do this. They think there is enough light for color night vision (there isn’t) then they decide there isn’t and it goes dark as they switch to night vision. Then they decide maybe there is enough light for color vision (there still isn’t) and they flip back to night vision. They will keep doing this until I just turn the night vision from ‘auto’ to ‘on.’ But then I have to remember to turn it back to ‘auto’ in the morning. I wish I could just turn color night vision off. It doesn’t work in my situation.

Starlight just does not work for my location - on moonless nights I can see very vague outlines of trees. I have to use 940nm IR illuminators and night vision to see anything in detail. I can schedule my illuminators to switch on and off but the cameras cannot be scheduled to view the IR. I cannot use visible light illuminators without upsetting neighbours.

Schedule the IR function

The situation is that at night, there is enough light that the IR while set to auto does not go into IR mode.
Things look better in IR mode, and while I can turn it on, I have to remember to turn it off.
I guess this would be for a wishlist but do not know where to put the request.

I think it would be great to schedule the IR filter for sunset and sunrise.

“Turn Off For”

I don’t suppose it’s possible to add a “Turn Off For” function to the Plug? That would make it useful for rebooting a remote router, an ability I would very much like to have.

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That would be useful! But my guess is it would need a new plug design to put a timer of some sort in the actual plug. As far as I know, all rules, timings, etc are dependent on the WiFi/Internet connection that is kaput once the router is off.

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That new design already exists. If you have the new Plug CFH (2021), go to Wyze app Home > your Plug > Settings > Schedules. Just create a local schedule and it will run without Internet. Same feature exists in Plug Outdoor.


Thanks! That would seem to mean that a “Turn Off for X minutes” command/shortcut should be possible for those units.

Until that is added, I guess maybe we can hamfist it by creating a schedule to turn off one minute from now and back on two minutes from now, let it run, then disable it.

As long as you have a Plug CFH (2021), just create a local schedule, not a Rule/Schedule. It would look like this for a 2 minute powercycle at 4am daily:

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That should do the trick - thanks!

Do the older units support schedules if they have an internet connection? (I have two of the new ones and two of the old.)