Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

Add pan camera motion tracking as a rule

I would like to add a rule that turns off motion tracking at a certain time every day, to keep my pan camera from following random dust at night

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Air Purifier rule

Can you add the ability to set certain speeds so i can have the purifier speed up over night and then back to low or auto during the day??

  • Toggle notifications for Wyze Sense sensors by event type (eg. opened vs left open)

I absolutely need this feature. I always want to know if a door is left open. There are times when I want to know if a door is opened, but also active times when it is opened so frequently and I don’t care.

In an ideal world, I would also be able to customize notification (or perhaps critical alert) rules based on, for example, if my wife is opening a door vs my kids are (based on the absence then presence of her phone, maybe?) but that’s more of a stretch wish.

i’d like a rule that can enable Sun Match at a scheduled time.

i put my bulbs in Sun Match mode every morning, they follow other scheduled dimming/shutoff rules at night, and then i have to manually put them back in Sun Match again the next morning. this is a hassle - it would be much easier to schedule them to go into Sun Match mode automatically at the same time each morning.

right now, a bulb will only automatically boot up in Sun Match mode if it was previously powered off while in Sun Match mode.

Shortcut Option to allow Opening a Garage Door Controller. Currently closing is an option, and it’d be superb to be able to set up a widget and have both open and close available, or even just from my Wyze Watch Shortcuts.

Purifier need a “Turn on” option for making a scheduled rule

Currently unable to schedule “manual” run for the air purifier. My allergies are worst just before/after sunrise and just before/after sunset. I’d like to preemptively schedule a run on the air purifier starting an hour before sunrise, lasting for 2 hours, and the same for sunset. Current choices are limited to:

  • Turn on to Auto
  • Turn on to Sleep
  • Turn off

None of these seem to provide the simple “turn on” functionality I want. With these choices there is no option to make it run according to a schedule.

Need a new option while making a rule:

  • Turn on

So far I have kept it on Auto, but it thinks the air is clean while my eyes are itchy and I’m sneezing a lot. Maybe its not as sensitive as me. ha!

[Mod Edit] Added to the list!

Shortcut for chime on/off

Would love if one could turn on/off chime fast with a shortcut if eg. you take a nap after work etc.

Rule-based app control of fan speed on new air purifier requested.

I want to set the fan speed of our new Wyze air purifiers to Auto every morning but then change the fan speed to a fixed speed at a fixed time each evening. I can currently do this and control the air purifier fan speed using verbal commands through Alexa . . . so it seems to me this should be an easy air purifier rules integration to the Wyze app.

Switch between color and infrared with motion

Please allow for a trigger to have an action option to switch from say infrared to color and then switch back after x time.

I can see better with infrared but I was too be able to see color on motion and for at least part of the recording.