Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

  1. I have the cam ‘PAN’’…Surely there should be an ‘action’ to PAN! :smile: When I come home, I would like my ‘off’ rule to be able to full pan (park) left or right. This is paranoia feature. My guests always say ‘…yeah. light is off, but is it really off?..’. If you can, a PAN action that pans a % would work. I also like the idea of a full ‘park’ - left or right.
  2. You definitely need a PAUSE command for use between actions within a rule. Some actions can step on others. For example: Reposition then Motion On, will generate a motion detection 100% of the time. I would be nice to be able to pause after reposition.


I wish ‘toggle’ was an option for actions in addition to a discrete on / off action. Especially after getting the new Wyze Switch, I’ve noticed it would be really nice to have the double- or triple-tap actions be to toggle a bulb or plug instead of just being able to turn them on or off.

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Agreed. Totally missing this option. A “trigger Notification” Action triggered by rule event with custom message.

I would find very useful to have “Trigger Custom Notification” as an Action in Rules.

Create an action that allows multiple plugs to automatically be enabled for vacation mode by selecting the plugs you want this action to apply. Also, a rule to turn off vacation mode for a set of plugs. These same rules/actions could also apply to bulbs.

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Vacation Mode on/off (Bulb and Plug, single and group

I have a Cam v3 connected to the Floodlight cam, with a rule to turn on the floodlight if Cam v3 detects person (for security purposes). It seems that the floodlight stays on continuously. Can you please add an Action that turns off the floodlight after a certain amount of time?

I like the ability to have rules / schedules to either turn on or off the flood lights or socket bulb but how do you set them back to Auto? If that behavior is baked in already, it is not clear in the app (currently am up to date on the iOS side)

Use Case: (applies to both flood and socket) I have a flood light in an area and want to just have the lights one from dusk to say 10pm. After that, I would like the to be on auto with the PIR motion activation sensor. In my testing if I did the schedule like that, it would just turn the bulb off at 10 or not turn it back to auto and remain on.

Another Use case / annoyance that is similar in nature, is the ability to control the light when looking at the associated camera. If I have the bulb set to auto on my socket with it on from dusk till dawn, then pull up the camera and and hit the bulb icon to turn it off, it turns it off. BUT after a few seconds it will turn it right back on so I have to pull the phone out and go to settings of the camera, accessories, bulb, and then set it to off. repeating the process when I want to get it back on to its auto schedule.

the second part would not be helped much by having the lights be scheduled back to auto but it is an oversite I feel within the control for that device.

I second this request. Just got several Wyze bulbs and have them rules set to detect motion to turn on and seperate rules to turn off after a set time period. Would love an easy way to create a shortcut to temporarily disable multiple rules for triggering the bulbs while NOT shutting off motion detection. Currently have to go into each relevant rule and disable and then re-enable later.

Cam Pan V2 rule missing for an on-demand siren

I was creating an on-demand rule to turn on sirens for my outside V3s and WCOs …and since the Pan V2s also have a siren wanted to add that as well.

Turn On/Off siren is missing from the action list on mine for the Pan V2.

Running latest firmware and App 2.27.16(5)

Add a timer to the rule options

In the Wyze app, when adding a rule to an item, offer a way to revert the setting after x minutes.

For example, i have my outdoor wyze cam set to turn on my front wyze lights if motion detected. However, there is no option to turns the lights off after x minutes. The timer option only seems to control the whole rule between two time periods in a day (sunset/sunup). This means i can turn my lights on, but cant turn them off until sunup.

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Yes I agree! And because of that, then I have twice the Rules. One to turn on and one to turn off.

I’d also love to see more than 1 trigger. Like if my Living Room motion sensor detects motion but also if my low light lamp isn’t on, then the main light in my living room will turn on.

Or if my low light lamp is on and and motion is detected on the LR sensor, then the my main living room light won’t go on.

Turn Wyze Bulb Color brightness up or down without turning on

Please add the option to turn the brightness up or down without actually turning on the Wyze Bulb Color. I have v1 bulb whites and they have that option. So for example, I want to have my lights drip down to 75% at night so everything isn’t so bright and such, but if I have a schedule that does that for bulb colors, it turns the lights on instead of just setting the brightness and leaving them off like the old v1 whites do.

YES PLEASE… wyze make this happen. mine is a bit different, I really want it to be able to go to a specific set point if a motion sensor (wyze home monitoring) is tripped. this should be so easy!

Rules to manage night vision mode on/off

The ability for the v3 to see in total darkness is well known and a selling piece for many people including me. What most people don’t realize is, during low light, the sensor is still bright enough to light up the street with the available lights without turning on night mode. The problem that most people aren’t talking about is, during low light and the aperture is big and the fps is lower which means you can only see clearly if the subject is station. The slightest movement like a moving branch or person will totally blur the image to the point that it’s hard to identify an individual. In my situation, both my 2 side neighbors always their porch lights on and so it never got dark enough for the v3 to switch to night mode. This puts my v3 in regular mode with color but all movements are pretty much a streak of lights or ghosty images of people only. The only way to get clear image is to manually switch from auto to “on” in the night vision mode. If I force it on, then during daylight the next day, it’s still in night mode while the sun is high, I’ll be watching the picture in b/w. I didn’t see any rule to turn on/off night vision mode based on time. Are there ways to work around this? I would rather give up color to get sharper video in b/w.

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RULE: If bulb is on, turn off—if off, turn on

Now that I have a few Wyze Switches installed, I’m using the advanced actions to turn on and off some other Wyze Bulbs in the same room.

Right now, I have Double Press as Turn on and Triple Press as turn off. Would be much, much more logical and easier to just have Double Press: “If bulb X is on, turn it off and if it’s off, turn it on.” Am I missing something, and if not, lets make it happen…

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Add “Turn on/off sound detection” to the list of selectable functions for rules…

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Manual trigger for “Away” and “Home” mode (vacation mode?)

instead of having to add another app to constantly check if away. Say a week, constant location check can eat up battery. And away from home isn’t always with battery chargers. So we turn off.

The away or home mode have different sensor behavior.

When away, one can’t change batteries for instance, so, don’t warn them about it. Or allow muting.

Added a note about this

It would be nice if there were a new rule to turn on the doorbell’s white light setting from sunset till sunrise.

The existing setting says that it’s supposed to turn the light on in low-light conditions, but mine would turn on in the middle of the day all summer long. I could tell that my mailman was not impressed whenever the light would come on in his face as he put stuff through our mail slot.

If this can’t be set as a rule, it would be nice to have a slider to say at what dimness the light would turn on.

Thanks for taking this into consideration :slight_smile: