Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

  1. I have the cam ‘PAN’’…Surely there should be an ‘action’ to PAN! :smile: When I come home, I would like my ‘off’ rule to be able to full pan (park) left or right. This is paranoia feature. My guests always say ‘…yeah. light is off, but is it really off?..’. If you can, a PAN action that pans a % would work. I also like the idea of a full ‘park’ - left or right.
  2. You definitely need a PAUSE command for use between actions within a rule. Some actions can step on others. For example: Reposition then Motion On, will generate a motion detection 100% of the time. I would be nice to be able to pause after reposition.


I wish ‘toggle’ was an option for actions in addition to a discrete on / off action. Especially after getting the new Wyze Switch, I’ve noticed it would be really nice to have the double- or triple-tap actions be to toggle a bulb or plug instead of just being able to turn them on or off.

[Mod Note]: This is a merged #wishlist submission. The “Toggle on/off state of Wyze bulb and plug” action listed in the 1st post would allow this to be accomplished. Remember to scroll up to the top and click the VOTE button.

Agreed. Totally missing this option. A “trigger Notification” Action triggered by rule event with custom message.

I would find very useful to have “Trigger Custom Notification” as an Action in Rules.