Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

The following are priorities for me:

  • Add an “all devices” option for any action
  • Tell Alexa or Google device to show camera
  • Vacation Mode on/off (Bulb and Plug)

I’d like to see the ability to use “Rules” to do actions “when an alarm is triggered”
For example, if the HMS alarm is triggered, turn on all lights to full brightness.

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I would like a Rule to be able to turn on/off all of the schedules on my Robot Vacumn so that when I’m gone on vacation I can click the Vacation rule and it turns it off since I can’t empty the vacuum while I’m away.


I just received and installed my Wyze Lock and after an afternoon with it I am finding the smart portion lacking.

Currently, the only action I can do is lock or unlock my door based on a trigger.

Suggestions for more actions:
Turn auto lock on/off based on time of day, or when my phone is not on my local wifi.
Turn on or off notifications based on time of day, or my location.

Give more ways to interact Auto unlock…it is fairly unreliable as it is right now. I live in a city and frequently make short trips to the corner store etc. The lock does not auto-unlock when I return and has unlocked itself while I am sitting in my bedroom.

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I’d love for when the home monitoring gets triggered (alarm) have a rule that can also activate selected other devices with a siren as well so all of the sirens sound.

Additionally, it would be great if one could trigger vacation mode for all or selected devices with a single button vice having to turn on each individual bulb or switch.

Also, the rules tied to the home monitoring hub can’t come soon enough!


To make Doorbell and Bulbs/light strips more accessible for the hearing impaired adding a rule to be able to flash the lights would be nice.


Rules should include Pet as an option for trigger, not just person. Plenty of uses with outlet when Pet is detected.
Could sell a lot of integrated camera with Pet detection which then can trigger a loud ultrasonic (preferably) or sonic (optionally) burst to use as a pet training and deterrence device, Current devices are just passive IR or require a collar. By recognizing a pet vs. human, it avoids false triggers. If can do ultrasonic (just above human hearing), makes it even better. Else needs to be loud enough to cause cat or dog to leave. Can use your existing detection zone, so very powerful for specific control.


I do not want to keep arming/disarming manually. There should be a schedule feature to arm/disarm automatically.


I am voting for this. Please add. I see this has on the top of the list since 2018

I’d like to have the possibility to interact with iOS Shortcuts (if Apple Homekit is still unsupported). I don’t like having Location services always on because 1. privacy, 2. drains my battery and it would be great if I can set an iOS shortcut (if connected to home wifi) to execute a Wyze shortcut (camera off or notification off) and put the camera back on when disconnected from the wifi.

Also I’m missing the Pan to preset/saved position action in the Wyze shortcuts/actions. If I’m home, I point the camera to the wall (saved at position 1) and when I leave I pan to position 2 (facing the room).

Enable/disable Hold on WYZE Thermostat

Would it be possible to add “enable/disable motion tracking” in the rules’ actions?

Asked long ago, asking again – “groups” for rules, so that multiple rules can be activated/deactivated together, instead of having to do each individually?

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Would be great if I could make my bulbs flash X times for a trigger.
Example: Flash bulbs 3 times (quickly) when a camera detects a person. Flash 5 times when someone presses the doorbell.

When using Wyze bulbs, it would be great if there was an integrated option to pause event recordings/notifications for Wyze cameras when the bulb turns on or off. The use case is when away, the lights go on and off at sunset/sunrise and this triggers an event on the camera. With the Rules/Trigger function, the camera event recording/notifications can only be turned on or off or you can create a rule base on time, but with sunset/sunrise the time is always changing.

Can we get the same rule triggers for all cameras please!
These are the differences and it makes no sense.

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Better be careful what you ask for. Wyze may oblige you by removing the 3 triggers from the v2 that are missing from the v3. :grin:


Haha. Very true!

It would be great if we could use rules to disable/enable sleep routines.

I always forget to turn off, and when we go on vacation I come home to our bedroom lights on :rofl:.

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Yes!! Great ideas!

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