Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

Can you please add scheduling for night vision for the WCO? I have lights that shine on my house at night and it interferes with the auto setting. It’s very inconvenient to manually go in and switch the setting on and off. Please add an option to turn the setting on and off based on time of day.

I would like to see a feature to turn the Wyze outdoor plug on at Dusk and off at a specific time. The current product allows you to use the light sensor to turn on at dusk and off a dawn but I don’t believe that you can turn off the socket off before dawn via a rule.

Adding a time zone and DUSK or DAWN option could be made part of the rules profile.


Request the Siren functions be activated in the rules that are in the WYZE Cam V3. The Siren itself works using a manual Siren button found on the live view screen in the more options button selection. The rules show the Siren choice and are accepted when the rule is saved, but was told by customer service that they are not connected and the manual Siren test button is working.

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I would love to see an option in making a rule that lets you set the WCO battery level as a condition. This way you could plug it into a Wyze outlet, and have it automatically turn the outlet on and recharge the WCO when the battery is low then turn off again at 100%.

I know the WCO is not designed to stay plugged in all the time and thought this could be a good middle ground.

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Just logged on to make the same request.
I second PIAZZAC’s request.

So I have the V3 and the Spotlight in my hallway. The spotlight works great when I get up at night to use the restroom etc, However when I wake up in the morning and go to my office I keep triggering the motion for the spotlight and it keeps coming on and off which is annoying.

I would love to see an option so I can set a schedule where between a set time let it come on when it detects motion but when its outside of that time block it will stay off.

Thats a great rule option! However you CAN set your outdoor plug to turn on 15-30 min each day, or 1 hour each week, and that will help to solve the problem considerably

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Another vote for “Change SD card record mode: Off, Event Only, Continuous”

I do not have some of my cameras set to motion sense and would love to be able to change the record mode based on time and motion of the camera at my door, and than turn it off at a certain time. I do not want to have them always recording or motion sensing. Right now I just open the app and turn them on. They are set to continuously record. I can set times to just turn the groups on, but I would like to be able to have motion turned on when I am not home, but that and continuous record off. At a set time or by motion of another camera turned on the continuous record. Also would be great to be able to make turning continuous record off and on by a shortcut.

Be great if I could set up the Multiple Wyze Doorbells to sound ! Wyze chime.
Set Rules to ring Chime such as,

Currently unable to set any rule to sound the chime, it is tied exclusively to the doorbell it was paired with only.

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  1. Allow rules to trigger the siren function of the wyze doorbell. E.g. if door opens trigger siren for 5 minutes.

  2. Create a new category called “modes” which are mutually exclusive (ie you can in only be in one mode at a time) – like “home” or “away” – that people can click on from the shortcuts bar and then allow people to tag any of their Wyze rules to work in either all modes or only certain modes. I have triggers I only want done when I am “away” – like turning on lights if a door or window is opened – and it would be convenient to click a button and know those rules would now be active.

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Request an enhancement to schedules where we can define our shortcut, which allows for multiple actions, to select a shortcut to be enabled (or actioned). Since schedules are limited to only one action at a time.
For example I have a shortcut defined that will turn on notifications, turn on motion detection and take a picture and a corresponding shortcut to do the opposite. I use the shortcuts manually but would like to put on a schedule …
Thanks for consideration of this wish.

I’d like an action to record the video on the doorbell if a motion trigger is captured on another camera. The sensitivity of the doorbell needs to be low to only trigger there sheet when someone is at the door, but it prevents it from capturing motion going on behind the scenes.

+1 for chime (bark) action
+1 for multiple actions chained together
+1 for timed action

e.g. turn on light, wait ‘n’ minutes, turn off light.

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I would love to ability to trigger rules when motion stops being detected. For example: no motion detected for x minutes will turn off a bulb. Or when motion stops being detected turn bulb off.


I setup a Shortcut (Rule) for “I’m Home” and “I’m Away”. I use the All Device, Mute and Unmute Notifications. When I’m home I obviously Mute Notifications, but I would like to get notification from the Doorbell if someone approaches or drops off a package. Since I have a large number of devices, it would be helpful to be able to exclude a device from an All Device rule, instead of adding many devices to a rule except for the one device.


If somebody suspicious or the police show up, I want to be able to hit a shortcut button to immediately start continuous recording on all cams.

I’d like to add that another very useful option would be to make the shortcut a toggle so that tapping once activates it and tapping again returns the cams to their individual configurations prior to the first tap.

I’m always supportive of more functionality, so I support this.

I am curious as to why you wouldn’t ALWAYS have continuous recording? Why not leave them recording all the time so that you never miss something important? SD cards don’t wear out as easily or quickly from constant Wyze cam recording as people seem to think…the circuits themselves are likely to breakdown (10 years) long before any Wyze cam will have them hit their max read/write limits. Even on a 32GB card, constant recording in HD would take way more than 10 years to hit the maximum read/write limits on the typical decent card…so that’s not going to affect it at all.

Plus in high intensity emotional moments like that, people tend not to think straight and forget to do things they intended to (like manually start recording of the cams) and then it is pointless.

The only reasons I can think of not to record continuously are:

  1. Conserve electricity.
  2. So you don’t record yourself doing something illegal that the cops could then confiscate and use against you.
  3. Easily find a video you are looking for.
  4. Misunderstanding about how SD cards work and how long they last on average.
  5. As a courtesy to others (though if your cameras are up, they’ll all assume they are being recorded anyway)
  6. Conserve bandwidth on your router, reduce 2.4gHz interference, reduce overloading your router or exacerbating memory leaks, etc (especially if you have TONS of devices and a cheap router).
  7. You share your camera access with others, and don’t want to feel like you’re on display 24/7.

I think most people do it out of a misunderstanding of SD cards though…unless the SD cards only cost like $0.15, or are some really, really cheap generic kind, they should easily last 10 years with constant recording and never hitting the read/write limits of any of the sectors on that card…so if that’s what the concern is…just leave it recording all the time, as that shouldn’t be the concern here.

(For example, V3’s use roughly 10GB/day of constant recording if in HD and daylight mode 24/7…on a 32GB card, that means it takes over 3 days to record on every sector. If each sector can stand 10K write cycles, that’s over 30,000 days worth of constant recording, which is over 80 years…the rest of the SD card will go bad within 10 years for other reasons, long before you ever hit the 10K write cycle limits for those sectors).

But again, I’m all for more functionality, so I still support this suggestion. Who knows, someone could find a good use for it, and there’s no reason not to have it when the options already exist in the cam to turn it on or off…just add it as a rule too without much more effort.

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You bring up some excellent points. I think the reason I originally opted not to use continuous recording is that I wanted to be able to go back beyond three days (or whatever the V2 / 32 GB capacity is) without having to upgrade the card capacity on every cam.

Regardless, you convinced me to try continuous recording for a while to see what I get. I just don’t want to miss the opportunity to save an event that happened while, for example, I was on vacation two weeks prior.

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I’d like it if ringing the doorbell chime was a trigger-able action that could take place.

It could be used to ring the doorbell chime when a mailbox equipped with wyze sense is opened, for instance.

Really? My topic got merged into this giant list? This post has gotten a bit too long to actually get implemented -Isn’t it better to have smaller topics that might actually have a chance of getting done rather than one huge thread with so many different suggestions in it that you have no idea which ones people are voting for?

If you’re going to combine all the “add an action” requests into one huge wishlist, why even bother having a wishlist section with voting at all?

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Thanks for the clarification, that makes sense. In that case, one thing that can help to extend your card size in some ways is to tell it to only record all events instead. Doing this, together with figuring out the best detection zone, and detection sensitivity will help a lot. Then instead of a 32GB only lasting 3-4 days, it will extend out a LOT further (length depends on many factors of course…I have some that will last months, and some that will just last days doing it this way).

THEN, if an event happens where you want to make sure it captures the entire thing, you can switch the cam to continuous recording. In this case, your request here for continuous recording will be a GREAT thing to have. Makes a lot of sense now!

Alternatively, they could add a function into the V2 & V3 cams that the WCO has, add the option for “Scheduled recording”…then we can leave our cams on “event recording” to expand how far back videos are stored on our smaller cards, but still be able to tell it to immediately record everything and keep recording until we have it turn off with a “scheduled recording”. It should be really easy to add this to the other cams because the subroutines are already programmed for the WCO…they can basically just copy and insert them into the firmware for the other cams, and then you’ll have everything you want. Then if it’s a “rule” you can make a shortcut on your phone to easy activate all of them at once.

Thanks for the explanation/clarification, I can definitely see the value in what you suggested now.