Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

I’ll also add another vote for “Activate the door chime”.

I’d buy a second chime and put it in my bedroom if I could have a rule for nighttime that connects the chime to an external door being opened. Separate chimes should be configurable. One chime for the doorbell but another for the door being opened. I believe there is a chime already listed that sounds like an alarm. Why someone would pick that as their doorbell I’m not sure, but it’d work well as an intruder alert.

New action suggestion:

Set (color) bulb to pre-defined scene.

The color and temperature selection controls when making rules are extremely clunky. This workaround would at least allow us to circumvent this while those get fixed.


List is so long, it’s difficult to find… but it’s already there:

  • Activate a Bulb Scene
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My apologies — I instead strongly second the existing suggestion.

Me too… I need bulb scene in actions badly. :+1:

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Color bulb “scenes” need to be accessible via rules

The color bulbs aren’t new. Why have a feature that lets you set a color scene for multiple bulbs (like special colors for Halloween or Christmas) but you can’t use that scene in a rule for when they turn on? All you can currently do is turn them on individually at a set color/brightness but that defeats the creation of scenes. Plus you can’t test the colors you are setting in the rules and they don’t allow the use of Hex or RGB colors to make sure you get consistent colors across multiple bulbs instead of the wonky color wheel chooser. It’s frustrating after owning them this long and scenes still aren’t implemented across the rules.


There’s something wyze can do that would allow users to create almost any rule combination and lighting scenes that they want and that is opening up their API.

It’s a shame that nobody has thought of suggesting this feature. I’d think it’d be mentioned and voted for at least 748 times. Oh wait, it HAS been requested much more than that.

For lighting, custom scenes are important and companies that have invested in their API such as LIFX, have seen first hand that customers are willing to pay more for advanced customization options.

You’re already using an API with your app SDK I don’t think a public API would require that much of an increased investment or strain on the development team.

I’ve been waiting for this function for years. Would save a lot of wear on SD cards and be super useful.
There are so many good suggestions, great compilation. I really hope adding more actions the the meager (frankly stagnating) list becomes a priority for Wyze soon.

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I just added color bulbs. I wanted to set a trigger from a v2 Cam that would turn on the light for a period of time during a set period of time.

I could not find a way to set it to stay on for X time as indicated above. That attribute did not present while setting up the rule.

Otherwyze :wink: could we add a time action that could be set to turn it off?


@Meik In your example, I believe you have to do two rules. One to trigger it on and the second to turn off after the bulb has been on for XX amount of time.

With I rule you can tell the bulbs to turn to white when one bulbs turn on based on the time of day.
I do that for my master bath. Use case I mat want SPA time scene the night before or mess around woth the colors. Simply turn off and back on with the switch (hard wired or any trigger) will make them all bright white all 100% brightness.

  1. I have the cam ‘PAN’’…Surely there should be an ‘action’ to PAN! :smile: When I come home, I would like my ‘off’ rule to be able to full pan (park) left or right. This is paranoia feature. My guests always say ‘…yeah. light is off, but is it really off?..’. If you can, a PAN action that pans a % would work. I also like the idea of a full ‘park’ - left or right.
  2. You definitely need a PAUSE command for use between actions within a rule. Some actions can step on others. For example: Reposition then Motion On, will generate a motion detection 100% of the time. I would be nice to be able to pause after reposition.


I wish ‘toggle’ was an option for actions in addition to a discrete on / off action. Especially after getting the new Wyze Switch, I’ve noticed it would be really nice to have the double- or triple-tap actions be to toggle a bulb or plug instead of just being able to turn them on or off.

[Mod Note]: This is a merged #wishlist submission. The “Toggle on/off state of Wyze bulb and plug” action listed in the 1st post would allow this to be accomplished. Remember to scroll up to the top and click the VOTE button.

Agreed. Totally missing this option. A “trigger Notification” Action triggered by rule event with custom message.

I would find very useful to have “Trigger Custom Notification” as an Action in Rules.

Create an action that allows multiple plugs to automatically be enabled for vacation mode by selecting the plugs you want this action to apply. Also, a rule to turn off vacation mode for a set of plugs. These same rules/actions could also apply to bulbs.

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Vacation Mode on/off (Bulb and Plug, single and group

I have a Cam v3 connected to the Floodlight cam, with a rule to turn on the floodlight if Cam v3 detects person (for security purposes). It seems that the floodlight stays on continuously. Can you please add an Action that turns off the floodlight after a certain amount of time?

I like the ability to have rules / schedules to either turn on or off the flood lights or socket bulb but how do you set them back to Auto? If that behavior is baked in already, it is not clear in the app (currently am up to date on the iOS side)

Use Case: (applies to both flood and socket) I have a flood light in an area and want to just have the lights one from dusk to say 10pm. After that, I would like the to be on auto with the PIR motion activation sensor. In my testing if I did the schedule like that, it would just turn the bulb off at 10 or not turn it back to auto and remain on.

Another Use case / annoyance that is similar in nature, is the ability to control the light when looking at the associated camera. If I have the bulb set to auto on my socket with it on from dusk till dawn, then pull up the camera and and hit the bulb icon to turn it off, it turns it off. BUT after a few seconds it will turn it right back on so I have to pull the phone out and go to settings of the camera, accessories, bulb, and then set it to off. repeating the process when I want to get it back on to its auto schedule.

the second part would not be helped much by having the lights be scheduled back to auto but it is an oversite I feel within the control for that device.

I second this request. Just got several Wyze bulbs and have them rules set to detect motion to turn on and seperate rules to turn off after a set time period. Would love an easy way to create a shortcut to temporarily disable multiple rules for triggering the bulbs while NOT shutting off motion detection. Currently have to go into each relevant rule and disable and then re-enable later.