Add More Actions for Wyze App Shortcuts/Tasks


Would really love a shortcut for nightvision/IR to auto switch my cams behind windows at night.
Keep up with the good work


Definitely want this.

Example: Send me an alert if my back door to garage is open past 10:30 pm.


Good feature.

FWIW, if you are willing to do a little engineering, I think you could do something similar with IFTTT and I think you can notify apilio with web hooks with the state of the door and if it’s open at 10:30, trigger an IFTTT event. I’m using email as it’s free to do that, but they also have a pay-as-you-go sms service integration.


I know we can make a shortcut to affect all cams/devices or one. I would like to be able to affect say my shop group of cams vs my home group.


In the Wyze app you can assign multiple actions, so if you want to turn notifications on or off for a group of cameras you just have to add one action for each camera in the group, then you can trigger them with a single shortcut (manually or scheduled).

Not sure if it has been mentioned elsewhere, but (at least in the Beta app) you can now turn notifications on/off for individual Sensors as well as cameras.