Add fire /smoke/ CO alarm monitor to Wyze HMS

I’d love to see a fire alarm monitoring adding to the home security monitoring tech in the future! It would be a great product lineup addition, boost the value of the home monitoring services, and can help wyze customers save on home insurance costs :slight_smile:

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me too. if they could create a competitive offering to google homes fore and smoke then that would be awesome.

Hi @Matt13 & @nunUrBizzy and welcome to the Wyze Community #Wishlist / Forum.
I agree that having a Fire/Smoke/CO2 alarm is a great accessory for the HMS.

May be question of liability. e.g The most important insurance you can have for your alarm company (Wyze AWS) is liability insurance. As an alarm company, many businesses are relying on you to protect their business property from break-ins, fires and anything that puts their business in danger.

My home insurance company asked for a copy of the monitoring certificate and gave me a 0.01% discount. They didn’t care what type of system, sensors or even if it was professionally installed. It was more of a token discount.

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I would like to have a fire alarm which works with the Wyze HMS

same, even if it’s just a dummy device you can put near your regular devices that listens for the alarm noises. this is already a feature of their cameras, or I guess they could just take advantage of it in their cameras.

Water sensors would also be nice. Financially, a fire or water leak could be much more costly than a burglary.


I just installed Home Monitoring Security from WYZE. I added my camera and activated notification of Smoke/CO notification.
But, It was not indicated on the security certificate. WYZE support indicated that currently, WYZE Home Monitoring does not get notified for CO/Smoke emergency. I would like that to be included in the emergency response.

If fire alarm capability is eventually added, be sure to use heat detectors in kitchen areas (not smoke detectors) to avoid false alarms. Someone will eventually burn their dinner or set popcorn on fire in the microwave. Commercial fire alarm permitting almost always requires heat detection be used in lunchrooms, break rooms, etc., which is why formal plan review is generally required in advance of construction.


very good point. this is one of those things I could definitely see the company doing more of a disclosure about. not as coverage for them but more of an FYI.