Add even more IFTTT triggers + actions

What you’re talking about is rule engine based. It’s possible to do more with IFTTT using web hooks, but difficult. A hub, especially one like Hubitat that runs rules locally does a better job at that with less effort once you are familiar with the system.

I just need the IFTTT action, then Hubitat can activate it by closing a virtual switch with their Rule Machine

I don’t think this is likely to happen this year but I can’t say for certain.

I definitely need the “Motion not detected for X time (both camera and motion sensor)”.
I wonder how long they would be able to roll out these suggestions.
It has been a year already since the post so i guess there should be some additions to the triggers.

You can now create a rule for the Wyzecam using a person trigger to turn on another Wyze device. A work around for IFTTT would be to turn on say a Wyze light bulb and use the bulb turn on IFTTT trigger (which is supported) to trip another alarm.

I don’t understand why Wyze doesn’t better integrate with IFTTT by having a person detection IFTTT trigger

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I just voted for this. I was glad of course to see it on the wishlist, but it’s dated a year ago. I’m hoping it’s reached a vote threshold where they implement it soon. If my reasoning for voting this up isn’t immediately clear, it’s because I want my Hue lights to flash inside the household only for person detection, not for every motion, while also having my SD card capture every motion whether detecting a person or not. If I reduced the motion sensitivity, then I could create a workaround but with the potential risk of my SD card not detecting every motion even when a person is present. On the flip side, with a person detection IFTTT trigger, I would also have a potential risk of my lights not flashing when a person is present and yet not detected by the algorithm. But at least I’ll still have the “backup” of the algorithm detecting all motion AND the SD card capturing all motion. For either scenario, this is why I have my SD card capturing continuously as a failsafe. I hope I explained that correctly, lol.

This would be awesome. I would personally use " * Move Pan Cam to a specified waypoint" so that I could give people privacy (in a way that they’d know we weren’t filming) at certain times or events. I’d just point all cameras at the wall.

This has an added benefit that in an emergency I can just reorient the cameras - different scenario if the people in the house unplug them because they’re uncomfortable.

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I agree. Because all of my devices (other than the Wyze cams and Leeo) talk to my Smartthings hub and webCore, I really don’t need rules engine ability; just more triggers (person detected) and more actions. Although ideally, Smartthings integration would be the Holy Grail for me (which I already up voted), I understand that IFTTT will probably garner more votes because it is more universal.

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Richardcoop2’s workaround got me thinking. I would like to see the Wyze app support virtual switches. That way you could create a rule in the Wyze app like “if camera X detects a person, flip virtual switch Y”. If Wyze then exposed the virtual switch as a trigger in IFTTT, we co do a lot with that.

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RE: UnrealNighHawk IFTTT Plays an audio alert with a Wyze Contact sensor opens

My Android Phone: OnePlus 7 Pro OS Android 10


The Default sound “ALERT” plays just fine.

If I want my own sound, what format is needed …mp3, wav, aac, m4a ??

Should my own sound include the extention in sound box ? mysound.mp3 or just mysound

and… what location on my phone should this sound be located ?

I searched the phone folders using ES Explorer for “ALERT” sound file but didn’t find it.

Where should this sound file be located ?
/sdcard/Notifications /sdcard/Music /sdcard/Ringtones



EDIT: I was able to choose my own sound, but would be the SAME sound for All Wyze notifications, I was hoping for an individual sound for each contact sensor and each motion sensor

@unrealnighthawk @ramseyerp

UPDATED 13 Oct 2019
My Android Phone OnePlus Pro 7 OS 10

To change the Notification sound for Wyze

Click on Settings Icon>Apps and Notifications>Notifications>Wyze>Advanced (Drop down arrow menu)>WyzeNormal>Advanced>Sound

From here you can choose (tick the circle) from Android’s various sounds: Allusion Amiable, Blare, etc OR better yet Choose (tick the circle) “Ringtone from internal storage”
Where you can place your own recording in .wav, mp3 format etc. Using the built in app “recorder” you can record a sound or in my case record your own voice saying “sensor activated”, etc


CREDIT: Credit to BAM Forum Maven Aug 22
His Post: How to get Individual camera notifications ( workaround)

You can use the Android App “Lightflow Legacy” from the app store.

The Notification light feature will NOT work on my Android phone, But the Sound setting will !
I can now set individual sounds for each contact sensor, motion sensor and camera notifications !

I recorded my own voice saying… “Hall motion”, “Mailbox”, “Front Porch Person”, etc.



IFTTT person detection is exactly what I need !!!
It should be a quick win as adding person detection to IFTTT should not be so hard and it will help lots of people here .
For now my lights flashes for any motion event (using Smartthings ) which is a bummer .
I don’t have any workaround for it .

Yes, please add IFTTT person detection. These cameras would be so much more useful to me if I could get notifications throughout my house when a person is detected. please add this…if you do I will buy more cameras