Add even more IFTTT triggers + actions

Hey all, new around here, so apologies if this suggestion is already present and I didn’t find it. I would love to be able to get some network visibility in the triggers , so, if my door opens and none of our phones are detected on the WiFi network I’m really interested… Also think that a notification when a device is detected offline is pretty basic and important, I’ve voted for that already on the topic thread.

I would love for Wyze Sense to work with IFTTT to make it possible for Google home to announce door open when the contact sensor on my door opens.


It would be great if maybe IFTTT could run a shortcut you have setup on the wyze app as an action

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Wyze Sense is already in IFTTT. You can set a trigger on Motion Sensor, or Contact Sensor. The issue is Google.

+1 for adding Wyze Sense triggers. I would really like to be able to turn off motion sensor notifications when a door is closed, for instance.

I love the IFTTT Integration and I use it to turn on my indoor cameras when smartthings goes to away mode and to turn them off when it goes to home mode. [I don’t love the idea of indoor cameras on, while I’m there]

One use case that I have is that I want to keep an outdoor pan camera on all the time to monitor my backyard, with motion tracking/tagging and alerts enabled, but only enable pan scan when I’m not home [smartthings away mode].

Through IFTTT I can control on/off state of most of the options, but not pan scan, it would be great to have pan scan on/off actions through IFTTT.

UnrealNightHawk, I found you IFTTT that will Play an Alert audio on my phone when a Wyze Contact Sensor opens. The apellet try to play a specific song on my Android phone and this is were I get stuck. What app
should I use and is there a specific sound file name for the sound?

Spoke too soon. Wow this is fun Google play any song when you contact or any contact opens…

Please oh Please make it possible to send Shortcut commands to Wyze from IFTTT

I’m tired of creating multiple recipes for Home and Away, when I should just be able to trigger a shortcut which already does what i need within the Wyze app.


How in the heck was “when camera motion becomes clear” missed in the triggers?
Sure I can start an action based on movement but cannot terminate the action afterward.
The cameras detector is far superior and is configurable.
I have several cams that I would like to utilize the motion sensors on as to not have to buy 3 sensors to cover the same area the cam would cover by itself.

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I think most of these are still needed and relevant.

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I begged for this week’s ago. It makes so much sense to me. The flexibility and power it would add to the cam system would be enormous.

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I wish there was a way to activate shortcuts that you edit within Wyze through the IFTTT interface. For example, to have an IFTTT event set the Wyze into “I’m home” or “I’m away” modes. Additionally, I wish there were better “rollup events” that IFTTT could capture. For example, a sensor triggered or better, a sensor triggered a camera recording." I also wish there was a way to trigger IFTTT when a camera or sensor went offline. This way you wouldn’t have to regularly check on Wyze to be sure that all the cameras and sensors were working.

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How about having it just turn off the cameras?

New Actions added to WyzeCam service in IFTTT

If you want to turn motion detection off for one camera with IFTTT, and not have to turn off all notifications.

@Shapehp… You can already currently turn on/off motion detection per camera with IFTTT. What you cannot do is turn on/off notifications per camera. For that, you will want to click the VOTE button at the top of this topic.

Based on excellent work today re person detection - would like to add Person Detected as an event (as separate to Motion Detected)


I mean as in motion sensors


It would be really cool when you relase a “Person detected” Event on IFTTT.

This would be very useful to trigger actions.

ATM just “Motion detected” exist.