Add even more IFTTT triggers + actions

out of curiosity using Apilio how many units do you use?
Wondering how many would be needed for automations

Currently, I am doing two sorts of things with Apilio. One is to turn Wyze on and off, the other to turn some lights on and off when I come and go. I only want the lights to turn on after sunset and I only want them to stay on for 20 minutes.

For all this, I have 3 Boolean variables, 5 conditions and 4 logicblocks. The Booleans track whether I’m home and whether it’s day or not. The conditions are about the same sorts of things. The logic blocks trigger the lights and Wyze to turn on and off.

Apilio was free when I started using it and as a charter user, it is priced differently now. So I haven’t investigated how to make it cheaper or how to better budget how I implement my logic. I’m going to guess that it would not take many conditions to turn the Wyze on and off when you just come and go and that may be few enough to cover you with a free subscription.

Michael J.

I’m pretty sure you can do all that with just the Smart Life app.

There is an automation trigger when you arrive or leave a location.

There is an action that will turn a device on or off.

There is an effective period where you can set all day, daytime, night or custom time period. Also just certain days of the week.

You can set a delay, and then subsequent actions like turning the device on or off again.

Everything in one app. It’s free. You just need a Tuya compatible device to turn on and off.

And that reminds me I wanted to start a different thread…homogeneous or heterogeneous systems
Thank you!

My understanding is that the missing part from the SmartLife app is Wyze integration. (For me, the other part is Hue integration.) Have you been able to get SmartLife to work with Wyze?

I do know SmarLife works with IFTTT. Have you been able to use that integration to do the logic needed to do location-based sensing to do fancy logic for turning on your Wyze under complex conditions like turn on light when you arrive home at night?

Michael J.

I am betting there is a way to make it work. I currently use a WYZE sensor that turns on a SmartLife bulb. I also have WYZE bulbs turn on when I get home utilizing SmartThings and IFTTT, i also have WYZE bulbs turn on at sunset using SmartThings and IFTTT.

IFTTT’s own location sensing abilities arent that great but you could use Life360 tied with IFTTT which is what i do.


Wyze devices are not Tuya compatible.

You can, however, get a Tuya compatible smart socket for as little as $6 on the right day. Bulbs too.

The easiest way to turn a camera on and off under all those conditions mentioned earlier would be to plug it into a compatible smart socket.

See note below.

It just occurred to me that you can also do all that with an Alexa routine, and with it, you are not limited to just Tuya compatible devices. Any devices you can control with your voice you should be able to control with an Alexa routine. That probably includes Wyze devices. You don’t have to have an Amazon Echo device either.

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I have SmartThings and use it for a smart electric plug device I have. I can see that it has features that address some cool things for devices it’s integrated with but haven’t used it much. I don’t understand how I would implement the sort of logic I’m using in Apilio. I am skeptical that it would be a useful tool for addressing automation around Wyze (and Hue) devices. As this is an idea that interests you, perhaps you could test your ideas and, if you’re able to develop a solution, post them in an appropriate Wyze forum. (This Forum is about IFTTT triggers.)

Michael J.

I’m confident that it will work, but I’m not going to do the work for you. If you are comfortable paying for Apilio, use it.

bummer is alexa routines wont work directly from wyze cams motion
detected etc.

for instance, I have wyze 2 cam on backdoor, if motion detected,
it turns on the mud room light, Buuuuut, thats in wyze.
It will not via routines, see the camera!

So I had to throw an arlo out there too and on motion, via
routine, it sends a notice, waits 5 minutes and turns off the mud
room light.

I would just use the arlo for the whole thing, buuuuut, the arlo
is not as sensitive, waits 10 seconds before recording jack (huge
detente) and the HD picture, sucks the big one.

Wyze, get the cams seen & respond with notices from them by
alexa routines!

“Action: * Move Pan Cam to a specified waypoint”

This is the greatest request. When I am home I want camera to monitor a particular part of my house (or out the window!), and when I’m not home I want it to monitor my front door. This functionality would be huge. Thanks for putting this together.

Add additional time features, like: +/- XX hours at sunrise or sunset turn lights on or off.


  • if at sunset (minus 1 hour), motion is detected on camera a, then turn the lights on for 5 minutes.


  • If at sunset (minus 1 hour), motion is detected on camera a, then turn the lights on until motion stops.
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I have been using Shelly’s and I love that feature on them.

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