Add door gateway support to Lock Bolt

Wyze Deadbolt accessible from anywhere

I love how the wyze deadbolt comes with fingerprint scanner and keypad. I bought it originally thinking it will make not only my life easier for locking/unlocking the door, but also the added ability of checking the door’s lock status if i’m away from home (and locking it through the app) and being able to unlock the door for a visitor remotely. This added benefit is not something the Wyze Deadbolt currently does, and it’s super upsetting considering how all my other wyze products I can access from anywhere.

Is it much added effort to integrate the wyze deadbolt with the wifi network like the cameras? Or even add a new gateway to integrate it with the wifi? Anything would be helpful, this product would be 10x better if I could view and interact with it while away from my house (out of bluetooth range). As it is though, i need to be next to the door essentially to look at its status, which i can do with my bare eyes anyways.


Wyze door deadbolt that has fingerprint, number keypad AND Wi-Fi capability RELEASE DATE?

Does anyone know or confirm when Wyze may come out with their 2nd Generation Wi-Fi Deadbolt? The old one is great but it’s design is outdated. If you look at the new deadbolt just released a couple of months back it has a keybad built in and bluetooth capability coupled with a fingerprint reader. That’s outstanding especially for it’s price point. However, it’s missing an important component Wi-Fi capability to truly make it a “smart” IOT. The design of the new deadbolt is really nice, when will the 2nd generation of that or a “pro” model of that be released that’ll have fingerprint, number pad AND Wi-Fi? Any guesses on a time frame of when to expect updated Wi-Fi capable deadbolt with keypad and fingerprint reader?


While I am happy with the Wyze Lock Bolt, I would very much like the option to use an addon WiFi Bridge in the future.

This would also solve a major issue for people who must have an internet-connected smart lock.


Please add wifi capability. Or purchase a ‘gateway’ to make it wifi capable.


Is there a third party hub like the Samsung that will work with this?