Add door gateway support to Lock Bolt

Love that you finally have a door lock that I can put on my front door, but sad that it doesn’t support the Gateway I use with all my other Wyze Locks. Please add support for connecting to my gateway so I can control ALL my Wyze Locks,

Adding gateway to wyze lock bolt

I would like the gateway functionally added to the lock-bolt. I like being able to see when my door was locked and unlocked. I also like the auto lock feature from the wyze lock better than the auto lock timer on the lock-bolt. Please look into these two things.


Wyze Lock Deadbolt Hub

I understand not having WiFi…but why not have the Lock Bolt connect to the Sense Hub or optional hub to purchase and make it “smart” that way with routines etc? That way, for the people dont want a connected hub, they got it and the others that like this design (I didnt like the bulkiness and design of the first lock) AND want to make it smart can purchase an optional hub/repeater to make it smart.

Furthermore, I would think that it should be able to connect to the Sense Hub as its a win win for everyone!


Or indeed just the same Door Gateway as the rest of my Wyze Locks

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Wyze lock bolt wifi gateway

Would be nice to have wifi access to the new lock bolt.

I agree that having a Gateway option for the Lock Bolt would be FANTASTIC! For those who do not want an internet connection with their lock… Don’t get a gateway!
For the rest of us… PLEASE offer a gateway so we can get realtime lock feedback via the internet.

My 2 cents worth.

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I too would like to add the wish for remote connection capabilities to the Wyze Lock Bolt.

Would love this feature.

PLEASE we need wifi access to configure through the wyze app remotely!

I LOVE my Wyze Bolt but the lack of a bt-wifi bridge for remote access and alerting prevents me from using it full time. The fingerprint and lovely keypad are why I went with the bolt, but over time, the lack of immediate remote notifications when my door locks/unlocks or a code has been used made me switch back to my old wifi lockset.

A bt/wifi bridge for remote usage would be the bees knees.