Add Disable siren feature to App

I do not want the siren!!!

ditto. also really want to permanently disable the siren for now. been reading here in the forum about sirens randomly going off even if no rule was set up. really disconcerting to read about.

just a while ago tonight, when doing a quick looksee at the cams at our other house, saw a note pop up in the wyze app on one my v3 cams with a spotlight that asked to start a siren tutorial. wtf? siren tutorial??? nope. don’t want to click any siren tutorial. so this prompted me to visit the forum here to see recent discussions about this siren nonsense. ugh. me have wyze cams at two houses and my concern is sirens somehow going off in the middle of the night at the other house where i’m not at and my getting a call about that and requiring me to drive late at night to get to the other house to shut it off by unplugging the cams. geez, this is making me think that now need to buy wifi plugs to put on all my cams to kill the cams in case this happens. argh.