Add device group for climate sensor

How many devices are you trying to put in a group?
Try clearing your cache and logging out of the app and back in. I and have seen others successful in creating this group with the beta release of this capability.

But I am seeing some other wonkiness right now, wait one…

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Make sure you are on 2.28.0 (5). I would then go top the Account, App settings, Clear Cache. Close the app after this,

Then, since you are on Android, long Press the app icon, chose the Force Stop, then Storage and Cache and Clear Cache from their. Note: Your thumbnails for your camera’s will disappear until you live stream again.

After you do this, see if you can do the grouping at this point.

I have 6 climate sensors in my group.

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you all beat me to it! it’s in 2.28 beta release and if all goes well, it’ll officially release in 2.28 :slight_smile:


Well I have some more wonkiness for you lol. I cleared the cache, went into the app to do the other steps and all the groups I attempted to make are there but this is how they look. The first attempt is ok. The second and 3 attempts are wonky. See screenshot below

This is now launched as of app version 2.28


It would be nice to see average temperature and average humidity on the home page. Similar to how the leak sensor group shows All Normal.


That is a cool idea to have the climate sensor group show the average temperature & maybe humidity of all the sensors in that group. That would be nice!