Add Car Detection and Pet Detection

Since many of us have cams either outside or pointed out windows I thought it would be neat to see person detection expanded to include tagging vehicles and/or pets. I got the idea from TinyCam Pro which can tag these type of things but must be running on an android device. Since you are already processing events in the cloud it would really only require tweaking the models and training them. I feel like this would be a big value add to the person detection/cam plus service. For example getting a notification when a vehicle pulls up to your driveway or knowing when your pet is loose and running around inside/outside your house. This might be extra helpful for outdoor cams as if a vehicle triggers a motion event but not a person notification some people may miss out on being notified that a package is delivered due to timeout settings, however if they are alerted of a vehicle in the detection zone then they will know someone was there. Just an idea :slight_smile:


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