Add capability for an external USB microphone

It’s be awesome if there were the capability to add an external USB microphone to the wyzecam pan. The microphone with the latest firmware update is really bad. Camera is fine, but it would be nice to have the capability to add a much better microphone. Do that and the camera would be the best baby monitoring system out there.

Agreed. The Mic on these camera are not that good at picking up sound unless its very close to the camera. An External Mic would be AWESOME!

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Really could use a better mike. I can hear the Fed Ex trucks far before the camera can see them.

LOVE the camera but the microphone and/or recording is Very Poor! My Cam Pan hardly picks up sound unless it’s very loud or very close to the camera and what I can hear is distorted or very electronic sounding.

External USB mic is a must have here, as sound quality is really poor…

remote microphone (cam inside, mic outside)

That, and or give us a way to upgrade the internal mic. The mic pickup is the only issue I really have with this product.