Add authenticator app(s) for 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA is needed as a high priority for all International users. Currently the only option is 2FA with a US based cell/mobile phone. I’m told by support that there is no timeframe at all for having this work for international phones.

Why after a data breach would you not use the authenticator app?

Knowing the weaknesses in sms 2fa; you should change your mind and disable sms and update to authenticator ASAP.

It doesn’t even need to be Google Authenticator. Any app based authenticator should be the standard.

Please include two factor authentication based on token generator instead of phone no. Th phone no is less secure and limited to US

this is similar to what Amazon, google , microsoft and may other vendors do

SMS doesn’t work for VoIP numbers, therefore, I’m unable to use 2FA. Could you add an email option for receiving the code for 2FA?

Surely this has to be one of the top priorities now, especially after the security issues Wyze has faced recently?

I know that you guys didn’t intend to sell internationally and that it was out of your control with Amazon, but the fact is… you do sell to international customers, and if you can’t provide 2FA to international text, then this needs to be implemented.

Thanks, G.

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I would like the ability to utilize Google Authenticator, or some other form of TOTP authentication as an alternative to your SMS 2 factor. This will allow a user to utilize a randomized one-time passcode that will expire under an allotted time limit, and re-generate as a new randomized code after expiration.

Vote for this at the top of thread if you haven’t already

TOTP is better than SMS, but comes with its own set of vulnerabilities. Please consider adding hardware-based MFA, such as Yubi, as well.

With the recent data exposure last month. I think we need 2FA to happen soon. Whichever option is best that would also work for international customers and people on the go. Thank you Wyze. Love your Cams and App. I got 6 of them already!

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[quote=“jptechguy4, post:60, topic:27960”]
Currently use…Okta Verify,[/quote]
I also use Okta Verify currently and like its functionality to push notification (even through Apple Watch) or input code from the app. It also works for Website authentication.

I’m open to others, yet would prefer to not add more apps if unneeded!

Would like to use two factor authentication but can bexuade your system doesn’t recognise UK mobile or telephone numbers starting +44…

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Yet another evidence of why SMS 2FA is not secure at all:

Greetings from Brazil! Question, I can’t use 2-factor authentication as apparently it doesn’t support international numbers. Any plans on implementing it and what would be the target date if so?


It’s a highly requested feature and the official answer from Wyze is that they are working on it, but it’s not definite yet.

Same here, just my phone plan does not support international sms.

Hope WYZE choose MS or Google Authentucatir.