Add ANC toggle off to Wyze Buds Pro

Please add a toggle to turn off active noise canceling with the Wyze Buds Pro. You can do this through the app, but when you are connected to a non-Android / IOS platform, you can’t disable ANC. I’d suggest adding a third state to the hold button. Have the ANC setting rotate among ANC On / Transparency / ANC Off.

In addition, add the ability to retain the previous ANC state between charges. It seems that the ANC setting resets each time the buds are placed in the case.

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Strong Strong vote for. Sometimes ANC is too little outside noise and Transparency mode is too much; where having it off is juuuuuust right


Sometimes ANC is not required while Transparency is “overwhelming”. Off is a happy medium between ANC (-40db) & Transparency (+ db) environmental sounds as the Buds can physically provide up to -20db). Being Off would also extend the Bud Pro battery life.

With the ear buds, it’s not always necessary for powered Signal Processing - give everyone’s lifestyle use-case.

So to turn it Off, you cannot “tap-hold” to cycle through it. Instead you have to go through a plethora of steps:

  • pull out your phone/device and unlock it
  • open the Wyze App
  • select the Wyze Bud Pro
  • wait for bud acquisition
  • swipe the mode indicator to “Off”

The ear bud’s firmware does not cycle through to Off - though Off is deeply buried in the App. This necessary firmware feature (which should be minimal code) would be a major convenience and would extend battery life (and our hearing from Transparency :slight_smile: )

Thanks in advance. Cheers, Markas.


BTW, I forgot to mention. The cycle pattern should be updated to be:
ANC (-40db) > Off (-20db) > Transparency (amplification)

This would allow our ears to hear the external sounds get progressively louder (to become acclimated) vs jumping right into Transparency, then Off.


Please allow us to set the Auto Noise Cancellation (ACN) to OFF by default.

It’s annoying to have to disable this function EVERY TIME I use the Wyze Buds Pro.

Tapping the earpiece only offers the ability to have the ACN turned ON or in Transparency mode. Neither of which I want to use.

Please update the functions to give us the option to have ACN OFF by default.

Thank you

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I’d love to see it implemented as “Remember Last ANC Setting”, where it just uses whatever setting you used last.


Agreed, This would be even better.


I’ve got to agree here. I normally use the buds with a device that cannot use the Wyze app, so turning ANC on and off is critical.


Agree 100% also. If this feature were available, I’d buy at least one more set. (Probably two) Preferably if the long presses cycled through all three settings though. More useful to me.

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I use these headphones every day on the treadmill. It’s annoying that I have to open the app to set my ANC choice which defaults to high. I like to use low ANC which is only supported in the app. I’d like to see a firmware update allowing the headphones to remember my
ANC choice.

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This needs the feature to remember the last state of ANC. I can not use the buds with ANC on it makes me feel sick. I get dizzy and disoriented. It is such a pain to have to open the app every time I want to use them to turn it off. I find myself not wanting to use them.

Currently you can only toggle 2 of 3 modes on the Buds Pro (ANC on or transparency mode).

Requesting the add of ANC off without transparency mode to be added to the toggle list.

Thank you


Please a setting to set the default ANC state when taking the buds out of the case. They always default to ANC on, but I use it primarily in ANC off mode and it is a pain to have to always go into the app to turn it off everytime I take them out of the case.


I agree with everyone here, we need to be able to cycle through all modes without needing to use the app for any one of them.


I would like that too. I want to use them for running with my Apple Watch.

I usually use my Buds when walking or biking. When the Buds power on they always default to ‘Noise reduction ON’, but I always have to pull out my phone and change it to ‘OFF’ so the wind doesn’t drive me crazy. I’d love it if when I powered off my Buds the app would have the option to remember my last setting- I’d love to just put them in and go!

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Default ANC Off when only 1 bud is in use

I regularly use my Wyze Bud Pro’s with only 1 bud. Since the bud defaults to ANC, it’s very awkward to have one bud attempting to ANC without the other. If I don’t have the case with me, I generally can’t turn it off either which increases the frustration. This has been a feature of the other buds I’ve used, Sony’s.

Request is to have ANC default to OFF when only using 1 bud (with the other bud in the case).

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Wyze Buds Pro change default noise cancellation setting

I am a happy owner of a pair of Wyze Buds Pro ear buds. However, I usually do not want to use the noise cancelling feature. That means that every time I use these buds I need to start the wise app, select the buds, and turn off noise cancelling. I would love it if the Wize app would allow me to change the default noise cancelling setting so I don’t have to do this every time.

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Also am a proud owner of Wyze Buds Pro and more often turn off ANC and transparency. It would be awesome to be able to set the default setting in the app to your preference when buds are pulled out of the case.

Just checked, and you can hold the button to rotate between 3 modes. Does this wishlist item need to be marked as launched?

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