Add a water leak detector

I would use SimpliSafe and Kangaroo water / humidity sensors as a guide. They work, and they are really useful. I have six, but would switch to Wyze for consistency. Kangaroo has a good GUI for their sensors.

For 2025, a mini camera with 360 degree view pops up out of the sensor and looks for the water leak, and videos it. Wyze produces a water shut off valve with leak sensor and Away and Home modes. When you leave town, the Wyze house takes care of business.


So are water leak detectors on the roadmap or not? I’ve seen a year+ worth of comments on this, but nothing looked definitive. I’ve been using Insteon for this purpose and would love to consolidate to a single vendor and Wyze has filled about every gap but that one.

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This thread is in the roadmap section, and the status is “in development”, plus I believe they stated on the AMA last week that it’s coming.

I’m ready!

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Product Request. I would also like to see a product which can easily monitor/measure water flow. something that could detect if a pipe broke and water was continuously running. Thanks Mike


Product request, more specifically something like outdoor cam, so a water flow meter which could be used outdoors, and clamped on.

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(1) Some flow meter offers large lcd display on water volume and activities that can be video captured by a Wyze cam set to pixels motion detect for alarm to our phones.

your demand may / can come out of outdoor frozen water in pipe or valves. To prevent this consider include request…

(2) an “outdoor temperature sensor” that can be clamp on to our - above ground - outdoor water supply points.

(3) some temperature measure / monitor products that can offers sound alarms upon a set temperature threshold at below freezing point that can - sound triggers - a dedicated WYZE cam unit as sound alert.


Yes that would be extremely useful. I think many users would want that. Water sensors are fantastic by the water heater or in any place where a burst or issue could occur.


Dear Wyze friends.
When the sensors are available again, will new developments come?

I would like to capture how much water flow is used by my 2 teenage kids in the shower.

I’m using GoVee today…and they work great!! Just had an alarm last night and saved me thousands in potential damage that I would not have caught until this morning…it would have been BAD! I would love to test a Wyze solution. When can we expect availability? I’m thinking about buying some of these for parents for Christmas, but might delay if Wyze sensors are getting close.


Heres a redneck idea. get a wyze contact sensor. Attach one on the wall of the sump pump, and hang something right next to it on something that floats. If the water level rises it will trigger the contact sensor.

I am also using GoVee but if I can consolidate my smart apps, I would jump on using Wyze for water contact sensors. Hopefully when (of if) it does launch to have a 3-pack starter (kitchen and two bathrooms). Also, maybe we can multi-purpose the hub from the outdoor cam for the contact sensors?

@Wyze - please take note of the requests for kits. With GoVee…the hub supports up to 10 sensors…and I use all 10. I had one go off last night in the kids bathroom…they had gotten the floor all wet. I have a routine setup so that if any sensor is tripped, all of my lights come on in the house and Alexa alerts me with an alert sound…then announcement.

I recently had a pipe burst and it flooded my closet and caused around $3000 damage. Would love to see a water leak detector from wyze to add to the wyze sense.


It’s coming, image available in the store as part of the home monitoring system.

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What’s with the wire attached to it? Is that normal for leak sensors to just leave a big wire all across the floor? I assume it’s not for power…Is it just the tip of the wire that can sense a leak, or is it the entire line to simply wrap around underneath the dishwasher/washer so it covers the entire area? I wonder if you can cut it to size, or if you’re stuck with a certain length. I don’t know anything about other leak sensors…except that some people modified a V1 contact sensor to work as a leak sensor, though I didn’t remember any wires or anything like that. Any idea what’s up with that all that?

Ultimately if there was a shutoff valve for standard type valves, where if a leak was detected or would shut the water off, I’d have peaceful vacations. When we can vacation again. I’ve seen them mechanical where they attach to your current pipe and physically turn the valve. I’ve also seen them replace the valve. I would guess the ladder the most expensive…?



some SoVs are quite pricey.
others cheap.
but a Normally closed solenoid on certain size mains can be expensive too
especially above 1"

Just bought each set of our parents the GoVee with 4 sensors each. What’s up with the wire showing coming out of the Wyze sensor??