Add a water leak detector

I gave up on this. I got some water sensors from Simplisafe and they work great. I’ve been notified twice from my system and received calls as well when they went off both times.

I got mine from Bosch Sense, 5 units in total, and working well. I would recommend. They also offer an extension cord and sensor that plugs to the main unit which works wanders in hard-to-reach places, so one can install the main unit in an accesible and visible location.

Just to reinforce desire for this product, I’m currently drying my basement after my sump pump switch failed after several inches of rain. (Kicker is I visually checked after >12 hrs of rain the sump was bone dry). I would absolutely buy anything Wyze came up with that would work to send me a notification of a high water level. There’s a heavy metal lid over the sump normally, which may seriously reduce signal range, but I’ll figure that out! You guys just give me something to work with, please x10. In the meantime, maybe I’ll make a guided float that keeps a contact sensor out of the water zone, and comes together whenever the float reaches the point where the sump is supposed to kick on.

After waiting for a water leak sensor for the longest i gave up. No point on waiting and waiting with no signs from wyze. Its probably the easiest for them to make but still chose to ignore so many of us. I gave up and got the ring freeze and water leak sensors with the ring security system. So far I’m very happy.

Hi, I have been very happy with your sensors so far. That’s why I have been willing to wait for a leak detector. I think most of your potential customers for this product feels you are taking entirely too long to bring this product to Market. Why are we voting? Please give us, your customers a honest and sincere update.

I think someone already did, I saw the person create a 3d printer version and uses a sponge that expands and pushes the contacts together. I can’t seem to find the video here though. But its on thingiverse with video.

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I have an idea for that too. you want to help me out and send me some pictures of where your pump is and what water level you would want it to trigger at?

I drilled a hole through the cover and slid an aluminum shaft through the hole with a makeshift float on the bottom. Then I used a slightly larger diameter aluminum shaft to act as a guide. Maybe you can see ~ 6" piece at the bottom of the left shaft. It actually press fits into the hole in the lid so it stays upright on it’s own. The right shaft is the rest of the larger piece, just zip tied together. I’m sure that’s not very clear, sorry. Anyway, switch is lifted as pit fills with water, and I taped it so that the sensor triggers a closed signal just an inch or less before the pump’s level switch trips and drops the level. Finally, I set up two notifications. 1st one is just to alert me whenever it closes. That’s mostly so I can be proactive about checking on the pump after a rain. The second notification is if the sensor stays closed for more than 15 minutes. This would indicate that the sump is not kicking on and dropping the level. The only thing I know I should add (soon) is a stopper so that the switch can’t float up past dead even with the stationary part. Otherwise I could get a faulty ‘open’ status, i.e. I want ‘open’ to mean the switch is down, but without a stopper it could actually mean it shot PAST the stationary part. Since I didn’t leave my Wyze cam down there after my initial test runs I’d have no idea.

Great solution. Your picture is fine and your explanation makes sense. I was planning on going the other way with mine because I am wanting to monitor when my aquaponics systems gets low on water. However I think what I was thinking will work either way. The trick is making something flexible enough that lot of people can find uses for it. I will post my solution here when I have it done.

Thanks again for sharing what you have done.

don’t you need the entire SimpliSafe system incl alarm to connect their water sensors?

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Excellent idea. Just added my vote.

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Really excited about a water leak sensor. I would prefer a separate leak sensor from a temperature sensor.

separate sensors please!

After waiting for too long for Wyze to come out with something, I took the advice from people here, as well as a couple Youtube videos, and came up with this.

This one is meant for a spot where I don’t expect a huge flood, but just a slow, constant leak.

For places that can really flood, I will make the wires much longer, and hang the actual Wyze sensor on a wall about 1-2 feet up off the ground.


Please do this!!

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For additional peace of mind when away from home on vacation, A Wyze Water Leak Detector Would be great. It should be a similar size to door/motion sensors. I would place one under my fridge and another beside my hot water tank.

@WyzeMike Man, I want this Wyze leak detector so badly I’m not sure I can wait much longer! I have a dozen or so places I’d love to place them. Please let me know if I can help. Charles “Tod” Watts


even I’m waiting for this product.

Having had the toilet break and flood my 2nd floor only to have it fill up the 1st floor ceiling and then come crashing down, it would be nice to have a water/moisture alarm to detect such events.


I agree. I have a number of properties and use the Wyze products to keep in touch when I’m not there. A water sensor is a key missing ingredient in the product line. I would purchase several as soon as they are available. Might even get property insurance companies to provide incentives to insureds to purchase, or to subsidize.

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