Add a trash bin for deleted event clips


Is it possible to tell if a user manually deleted a recorded event from the app? Is there a delete history?

Can you find out if a motion detection video was deleted

Nope and nope, you can request that they add both these features but I find that the second one would be more useful to everyone having a trash bin that you can go back and look into for a certain number of days or however long they can be stored for.



This is a good idea that’s not already in #roadmap. So I have moved this post there so people can vote on it. You must click the VOTE button at the top for the vote to count.

I also modified the title to reflect the OP’s acknowledgement of @mixonepa’s solution.


Isn’t the agreed to number of days 14? Is this request to keep the deleted events longer than 14 days? Anything kept longer than 14 days is going to increase the storage requirements for Wyze. If I delete something on day 2 and the delete history/ recovery was available until 14 days, then it is no additional storage for Wyze.