Add a loud Siren (new product request)

Really nice that you took the time to describe the perfect siren for Wyze! Hope they will do it like that.

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In IFTTT, you can already so something things with Assistant. However, I haven’t found a solution to having Assistant run as a target action. So whatever Google Assistant integration is done would need to allow it to ring your siren. For example, the current Alexa integration is pretty limited (though still really cool). AFAIK, it only allows you to show the camera. You can’t have your Echo Dot ring a siren sound. This might be more difficult that simply building a 100dB plug-in siren speaker that connects with Wyze Sense’s mesh network.

Doesn’t totally work. There are a few IFTTT sirens, but most appear to need a dock or hub, making the price pretty high. The closest I have found is a smart-plug that turns on and off. Haven’t tested it myself, but it requires some work to test. Also, you can’t easily change the ring conditions. For example, if I want the contact sense on a window to trigger an alarm at night, but not during the day, you have to go into the IFTTT app and manually disable that applet. Turning off notification for that contact sense in the Wyze app won’t do it. And if you want to have a siren for multiple contact sensors (but not all of them), you have to make an IFTTT applet for each one, and manually disable each one. Again, less than ideal.

One solution would be to update the Wyze IFTTT triggers. But you would get more control if the whole thing could be brought into the Wyze ecosystem. For example, a 30 second count-down like in most “proper” alarm systems - doesn’t work with IFTTT. Also, IFTTT doesn’t guarantee faster than 15 minutes response time (has always been faster in my experience, but who knows if it always is).

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Good idea with using Stringify. However, they appear to have recently decided to close up shop.

Separate box to plug in that can be sent event triggers and chime would be nice with a few different sounds to differentiate what event just happened (cam motion, sensor motion, open sensor). A list of sounds, or just single, double, triple buzz on a piezo or something would be great. With less than 10 you could probably do enough different things to know exactly what just happened by hearing alone.

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A Wyse Sense alarm that plugs in would be great. I have a basement Bedroom window with a sensor near it already. If that could trigger an alarm in the room, it would be a nice, affordable, alarm system.


Yes a native Wyze siren would be the best bet. Wired or wireless, doesnt matter as long as you have one. Auto or manually triggered would be awesome!

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Hey there,

A siren would require an entire security system (cough cough stay tuned I’m working on something) this way it won’t go off unless the system is armed or there is a preset reason for it to turn on.


I was interested in the very same thing. Siren that could be manually activated like a panic siren or if I activate one of the shortcuts for the Wyze Sense system. I have a shortcut for a home and an away setting. I also have one for when we are home but sleeping. I even have one for when the baby is taking a nap because I put a sensor on his door since he is getting to that curious age. Ideally the siren would trigger if one of the sensors or even motion detectors activates under certain shortcuts that I have created. So when I’m away, if any one of the doors opens, or a window then the siren would trigger in addition to sending the notifications to my phone. And if it’s a false alarm, I could silence the siren remotely. But it wouldn’t go off when we’re home and awake but could be set to go off when were sleeping. Or I could set it to go off if the baby opens the door to his bedroom when he supposed to be taking a nap.

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Well, give us a hint… what are you working on? I’ve been looking at sirens that I can activate with camera, motion/contact sensor (using IFTTT), but they all have terrible reviews. I wish I could activate my Google Home speakers (play alarm sound), but I haven’t figured that out yet. Still looking for an away alarm solution.

Yes, a Wyze siren alarm needs to go to the top of the list. Also, I would like to see some Wyze smart plugs for our electrical outlets as well.


+1 on wyze siren, manual or automated for a full secured system! :pray:

I am now having to search for sirens. Wyze opted for a proprietary wireless technology for the sensors to try to keep people within their product which was disappointing. Because of this, I am unable to tie in one of the many zigbee, z-wave or 433mhz options.
This would be a very simple addition. I’m really surprised it hasnt been added yet.
A brand on Amazon called iSmartAlarm is also using customized Xiaomi hardware and tied in an alarm into their hub. Seems like a “sound” idea to me.

Many of us would love to see a Wyze alarm added to their the product line. Anyway for now, we will have to settle for something else until Wyze progresses with their products which I believe they will in the future.
However, I did find an awesome long range alarm called Guardline Alarm. They are available at Amazon and Home Depot. Check this out.

Guardline wireless driveway alarm is the perfect, easy to use, motion detector for your property. It can run on batteries as well as the included AC adapter, easily placeable anywhere in your home. The compact receiver is simple to program and utilizes a loud chime and flashing LED lights when a sensor is tripped. The outdoor motion detector IR sensors come with protective coverings and an easy-mount bracket. Each set includes one sensor and one receiver but additional sensors and receivers can be purchased and added, offering you complete coverage for your driveway, gate, home, or property.

  • Realistic range - 500 ft. long range has been tested in real world settings with trees, buildings, walls, and vehicles in order to make true and realistic wireless range claims
  • Easy to install: quick start guide has you operational in minutes
  • Awesome support and 2-year warranty- we are local guys who are driveway alarm geeks and we’re obsessed with building reliable, quality products, we offer friendly and knowledgeable USA based tech support that will help you before and after your purchase
  • False alarms are minimized due to an adjustable detection width option for the sensor eye and a swivel mount to focus the detection angle of the sensor

It does not work through an app, but you can turn detect soundon your Wyze camera under event recordings and you will receive an alert through the Wyze app that way. The only thing is they are a little pricey. You can see this alarm in action on YouTube.


Would it be cool if Wyze made a alarm for you house that went off if a camera detected motion? That would definitely scare off intruders!! Wyze please consider this.

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It would be nice to see Wyze create an audible alarm or siren that could be used when a sensor is triggered to deter burglars after entry is made.

Would love to have an audible alert add on (separate unit or IFTTT) to make a chipping or beeping sound like your typical home alarm system when doors are opened with contact sensors. If sensor is not closed within a preset amount of time, a LOUD alarm can be heard.
Additional option to make a phone call to notify you that the contact sensor has been opened for an extended period of time.

I would really like if you could activate a siren from your phone to scare someone off. And also, if the contact sensor opens, the camera plays a siren. Thank you!

Yes Wyze needs to implement this!

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They should make a siren that goes with the Wyze sence kit. A stand-alone siren would be a nice addition to the motion sensors and window/door sensors.