Add a loud Siren (also integrated with HMS)

Yes please!! This is the only reason holding me back from switching to this setup. SimpliSafe has an extra 105db siren alarm, that can be placed up high with a ladder, so that a would-be intruder would have a hard time smashing the unit.

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Yes please, loud Siren will be a nice addition.

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Looking for a smart chime that goes off anytime my contact sensors open. Which can double as an alarm too if motion sensor goes off etc… so basically a smart alarm /chime. Would be a great addition

For the moment - I bought an inexpensive connected to SmartPlug which only are turning on when Im out of home /. Siren is activated (smart plug turn on) when the wyze motion sensor detect a movement in the basement ,. It’s not the best solution but It can help in many cases .
Remember to deactivate motion sensor (camera connected to the Wyze bridge) previously to enter the house or use IFTTT with Location services to active or deactivate . Hope it can help

Is there any way to integrate a siren or loudspeaker to an outdoor wyzecam? I realize you can communicate but the volume is so low that two way communication is ineffectual. It would be nice to be able to warn trespassers or scare animals away with a loudspeaker.

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My Sense Hub is located in the living room; our bedroom is far enough away that if the alarm goes off when we’re asleep chances are we won’t hear it. Also, if the garage were broken into there’s a chance the siren would be so faint that it wouldn’t scare the burglar away.

Wyze, please consider selling extension sirens that you could plug into different locations. Or perhaps the doorbell chimes could be dual-purposed to also serve as an extension siren - that would be a really cool solution!

Another great feature would be to sound a siren on my phone as well - right now the alert isn’t loud or long enough to really catch my attention or wake me up.


My doorbell chime at max volume is louder than the sense hub siren. A louder outdoor siren from Wyze would be great


@dasnider I totally agree with you. I would like additional sirens for my system as well.

For now my plans will be to use a smart plug with a siren that plugs in. Then set up a trigger for the plug when the entry sensor is opened to turn on the smart plug.

Nevertheless, I do hope Wyze will come out with some simple plug in type 110 to 115 (db) sirens to go with HMS.


The doorbell chime is pretty loud… If they sold it separately and it worked with HMS then that might work too.

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@StopICU33 : FYI, I set up something similar to what you’re describing while I was waiting for my HMS to ship. The challenge is in how to arm/disarm the system, but I found a solution that worked quite well. See Solution for a Wyze security alarm? - Share Tips & Tricks - Wyze Community (


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Suggestion here. I currently have it set up that when my Wyze Doorbell rings all of the Alexa Echo devices in my home announced “there is someone at the door “. I don’t suspect it would be too difficult to create an Alexa skill to play a siren sound from those same devices whenever the alarm is triggered. I realize this isn’t the same as a dedicated hardware siren but it should be fairly easy to develop and implement. It could be a short term or supplemental solution to the siren problem.

Is your Alexa routine reliable? I’ve got Alexa routines set up to announce or chime when certain doors are opened, but half the time they don’t work… Seems like the Wyze-Alexa integration is unreliable.

The only skill I’m using is the Alexa Wyze skill which is maintained by Wyze Labs. So far it has been very reliable.

Note: this specific capability is only triggered when someone presses the door bell. It doesn’t notify you when it detects persons out movement although you can get those notifications on your phone.

Please make an outdoor external alarm speaker for the home monitoring alarm system. One problem we have is my son will be home and go out the back door quickly and not realize the alarm is signalling because he can’t hear it when he closes the door.



Strongly agree. If possible, there could be “day time”, “night time” & “all day” options.

possibility of triggering a second or external siren when alarm events occur.

Yes, please. Wireless siren(s) add-ons would be inexpensive and add so much value to our HMS systems.

This was the add-on for my old system. Outdoor / Indoor Siren (433 MHz) Fortress Security Store Online so others are already doing it. They also have fire/smoke detector add-ons. That would be another great addition as well to the Wyze HMS system.


I have three story home. The Wyze HUB is on main floor. We need to be alerted in basement and upstairs if alarm is triggered. The current alarm (HUB) is not LOUD enough.

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