Add a 110db Siren



Add a 110db siren that can be triggered by motion or manually through the app.


You can most likely do this already (without a feature addition) using IFTTT to trigger an alarm when motion is detected


FWIW … I couldn’t figure out how to do this with IFTTT (not a coder) so bought a smart duplex + a 30 watt siren. Now if I’m fortunate enough to hear the motion detection notification from WYZE , I can open the duplex app to turn on the alarm. Not perfect but best I could come up with. I would rather it happened automatically to scare the intruder immediately and hope WYZE will add this feature in the future.


Which smart plug exactly did you get? If it has IFTTT support, it is very easy to set this up so that your manual step can be eliminated. We can show you how.


Hi, the outlet is made by Xiaomi also referred to as Mi. They seem to be a Chinese company that make a broad line of security products. Purchased from Walmart online.

If it’s possible to have my Wyze Pan activate the duplex when motion is detected, that would be my preference. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.



Unfortunately, the Xiaomi Mi smart plug is not IFTTT compatible. You will need to purchase an IFTTT compatible smart plug for this to work. Here’s an inexpensive “no name” one I found on Amazon:

Here’s a “name brand” much more expensive one from Wemo:

Once you have one of these on hand, it’s very easy to set up an IFTTT applet to have motion detected by a Wyze Cam trigger the outlet to turn on.


“GM Trickster”

Thank you for your fast response and the Amazon link for the $9 outlet. I will gladly purchase it if you/someone can provide me with the instructions on how to make it mate up with Wyze Pan using IFTTT for motion activation. 2nd Question: Is there anyway to time-out the activation once ‘set off’ by motion?

Thx again, you’ll be my ‘Hero’ if it all works out!




Here are the instructions for creating an IFTTT applet:

You would need a Wyze account, an IFTTT account and an account for the new switch.

Keep in mind that IFTTT only guarantees checking triggers every 15 minutes, so there may be delay before the switch activates. Typically it is much faster.

As far as turning the switch off again, the easiest way would be if there is automation available within the switch’s app to do that. I have no idea if there is since I don’t own one of those switches.

If the app doesn’t provide that kind of automation, you could probably do it by integrating Stringify with IFTTT to run a timer. That would be another process to construct.


Thank you , I will check it out.