Add a 110db Siren (new product request)


Really nice that you took the time to describe the perfect siren for Wyze! Hope they will do it like that.

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In IFTTT, you can already so something things with Assistant. However, I haven’t found a solution to having Assistant run as a target action. So whatever Google Assistant integration is done would need to allow it to ring your siren. For example, the current Alexa integration is pretty limited (though still really cool). AFAIK, it only allows you to show the camera. You can’t have your Echo Dot ring a siren sound. This might be more difficult that simply building a 100dB plug-in siren speaker that connects with Wyze Sense’s mesh network.


Doesn’t totally work. There are a few IFTTT sirens, but most appear to need a dock or hub, making the price pretty high. The closest I have found is a smart-plug that turns on and off. Haven’t tested it myself, but it requires some work to test. Also, you can’t easily change the ring conditions. For example, if I want the contact sense on a window to trigger an alarm at night, but not during the day, you have to go into the IFTTT app and manually disable that applet. Turning off notification for that contact sense in the Wyze app won’t do it. And if you want to have a siren for multiple contact sensors (but not all of them), you have to make an IFTTT applet for each one, and manually disable each one. Again, less than ideal.

One solution would be to update the Wyze IFTTT triggers. But you would get more control if the whole thing could be brought into the Wyze ecosystem. For example, a 30 second count-down like in most “proper” alarm systems - doesn’t work with IFTTT. Also, IFTTT doesn’t guarantee faster than 15 minutes response time (has always been faster in my experience, but who knows if it always is).


Good idea with using Stringify. However, they appear to have recently decided to close up shop.


Separate box to plug in that can be sent event triggers and chime would be nice with a few different sounds to differentiate what event just happened (cam motion, sensor motion, open sensor). A list of sounds, or just single, double, triple buzz on a piezo or something would be great. With less than 10 you could probably do enough different things to know exactly what just happened by hearing alone.