Active Schedule Alert Days



Has any attention been paid to an update with programming specific days to provide alerts, instead of either every day or none? A simple option of Monday - Friday and Saturday - Sunday would be greatly helpful. I’m sure others are also looking for some variability like this.


This is frequently requested and expected to be forthcoming in a future update. I’ll add your vote for it to Wyze’s feature request tracker.

In the mean time, it is possible to use IFTTT to work around this by using calendar triggers to trigger Wyze enable/disable motion event actions.


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Hi Rick,
Please add mine as well. This is a simple and yet an important feature.


We are no longer using the tracker. Instead we have the #roadmap category where you can vote for topics. I’m going to merge this one into a similar already existing #roadmap topic so you will be able to go over to that one and vote.