Below are some areas that the young whippersnappers with 20/20 vision who develop this app could improve on (from the experience of someone who is over 40).

1, Firmware update screen

85% of the screen is unused. Meanwhile, the update progress text is an 8 or 9 point font and the text asking not to poweroff the cam is not much bigger. Why not remove the cute follows-the-progress-bar % progress text and use all that blank space to add a 48 point % progress indication? Is there a technical reason all text in this app forces many over 40 to pull out their reading glasses?

  1. Lack of support for Smart Invert on iOS.

It is bad enough that the app seems to come bundled with only very small fonts, but the light green-on-white font color lacks contrast, which acerbates usability for older users even more. Smart Invert works for most of the UI, but the video views do not support it, so appear similar to negative photographs (for the young developers, ‘negatives’ are a term used before you were born, back when film was a thing).

  1. Lack of support for iOS system-wide font scaling (Dynamic Type)

Settings->General->Accessibility->Larger Text

Thanks for your consideration!

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