Access to the Album from the main screen

Given that the album feature contains videos and photos from any of the Wyze cameras it would make sense to have access to the album from the main screen (under the “…” menu item. Right corner). It’s a little clunky rig hth t now getting to it through a specific device. This is especially useful if the device is offline you’ll still be able to get at the album.

Thanks for the request!

As a quick check, are you unable to open the Wyze app Album when your Wyze Cam is not connected? If so, what happens when you try?

Hi @wyzegwendolyn I stand corrected. Even with the camera down you can access the album. I should have tested further. My mistake.

So really is more of a request for a better placement of the menu item to access the album.


Thanks for the confirmation! I’m glad you weren’t running into a bug. :slight_smile:

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