Absolutely LOVE shortcut feature but


Ido love the new shortcut feature.

Need several more choices for action…

  1. Need to enable/disable sound alerts

  2. Need to Delete all Alert Notifications for a device.

What a GREAT product!!




I’ve added these requests to Wyze’s feature request tracker.


Sorry for the supid question here, but what is the shortcut feature for?


It let’s you perform a series of actions (such as turning on/off motion detection on all cameras) with a button push or on a schedule (rather than digging through the app menus to accomplish).


Yes, and it is wonderful, as far as it goes.

I use it to turn on/off motion sensing all 3 camera in a second home.

I also would like to see other “actions” added ASAP like turn on/off sound detection.


I’ve added your request for the ability to toggle sound detection via shortcuts to Wyze’s feature request tracker.


Can you please make shortcuts be iOS widgets (IFTTT has that…)? Also, connect WyzeCam actions with the new iOS Shortcuts app?