Ability to turn camera on and off based on Alarm Status of Wyze Security

i have numerous cameras placed indoors on main floor of house. Would like to be able to not only utilize them with security, which, I understand is a given, but be able to turn the cameras OFF when alarm system not on, and ON when System is in Active state. I would envision this as an option. IF option chosen then when alarm system is disarmed, camera goes off - if alarm system is armed, then camera turns on.

Would be good to have an override in the app, so camera that is off could be turned on in the app, like to check status of pet etc.

Yes!!! I was wondering if the system would be able to turn on/off cameras when armed/home/disarmed and now after seeing your post, I realize that this is not an ability yet. Slightly disappointed with this and hope that they figure out how to integrate this.

I agree, I have cameras inside that I only use when I am away and will also be arming the home monitoring system.

This is definitely needed. Pan cam is constantly scanning while the system is disarmed. And when im in a hurry will never remember to turn it back on.

It would be great to have this option so that it’s not constantly recording. There should be a rule that we can set up that when the alarm system is armed, to turn on the camera and start recording and record events.

Emphatic yes on this. In my opinion, it is a vital missing feature for home monitoring. There are some areas in the house where you don’t want a camera constantly active, but do want surveillance when you are away. Automatically turning on these cameras by arming the home monitoring system and turning off by disarming will provide more consistent activation of these cameras. Because honestly, who is going to remember to turn these cameras on every time they leave and turn them off when they get back? This is a must for bedrooms, living areas, and other “personal spaces” where Wyze customers will not want to be constantly recorded.


My Wyze “home monitoring” system is incomplete without the ability to turn on the cameras and trigger video recordings when a sensor triggers the alarm. Now I’ll have to see if IFTTT can automate the video function when the alarm is triggered, or see if I can integrate the various Wyze cameras/sensors into another home automation system. I feel foolish for not researching this issue before buying the entire Wyze suite of cameras, sensors, etc., as the system as delivered does not meet my needs. I will tell my friends that the Wyze “home monitoring” system is clearly not ready for prime time…

Create what is called a Rule-Device Trigger:

Wyze app Home > “+” in upper left corner > Add Rule > Device Trigger > Enter a Name > “+” to the right of Device Trigger > select a sensor > select “Opens” or “Has been open for” > Save > Action > select a cam > Turn on or if it’s already on, upload video > Save… etc., etc.

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Using your rule suggestion has nothing to do with the home monitoring system being armed and would always cause the sensor to create an action even when the system was disarmed.