Ability to take a snap shot/adjustable frame rate


Sometimes I travel in areas with very poor internet options…think similar to dialup. In those cases, I cannot see my Wyze cams live or notifications. The ability to take a snap shot, or control frame rate would be huge help!

Adjustable framerate FPS?

I like the idea of an adjustable frame rate. My Foscam cameras have this and it works great in low bandwidth situations. There could be some options from one frame every 10 seconds up to 15fps with various steps in between. The selected frame rate could be posted above the video frame when not full speed to remind the user that a lower rate is set.


One idea I’ve had is for the camera to send a snapshot before attempting to stream video. That way if the network speed is really slow you at least get at least a still. I have often seen connecting to 3/3 but never able to stream the video.


I’ve got a v1 wyzecam and a wyzecam pan. I have them going into TinyCamPro running on old Samsung s4 phone. From there, I view them on web or in SmartThings ActionTiles dashboard. Eventually I may switch to RPi3 with MotionEye when we get RTSP.

Anyway for my use, I think a lower framerate would help since my psuedo-NVR is not that powerful. So can we currently change the framerate somehow to minimize bandwidth? If not, feature request for future :slight_smile:

Anyone know what the max number of cameras that work with TinyCamPro or MotionEye? Thinking about getting rid of some/all my Arlos.