Ability to Change Email Address

If you have any early bird or other promotional pricing on your devices, it cannot be transferred to a new account. I just finished chatting with support and their answer was to cancel the account, create a new one and lose your promotional pricing. Unsatisfactory.
“10:10:17 PM) Mae: My apologies about this. The promotional code used was tied on your current account and once cancelled then you apply for a new subscription, you will purchase the subscription on the original price.”

This is a huge disappointment. They have a broken system

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The ability to change your account email.

This is currently in beta!

Cool! When will it be available?

Going to have to ask a Wyze employee that but probably soon as usual with beta tests… :man_shrugging:

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I saw that the ability to change your email is in beta. When will it be available?

With the release of Wyze App version 2.16 today, you may now change your Wyze account email in the Wyze App at Account > Account > Email. Look for a post soon in #news explaining the differences between your Wyze Account and Forum email addresses.


Ope! Loki beat me to this one. This is now officially launched with the 2.16 app! :smiley:


I want a way to change my email address. also a second means of recovering my account in case of a lost authentications app.

I’d like to second that request.

You can change your email address now. The fix to do this is live according to the Wyze FAQ.

Baby steps. Damn, when will the app get a proper overhaul and a desktop version?

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Note: I posted this reply under another topic on email change.

The email change function is really a masking trick employed by the IT folks. Your email is not really changed in the IT tables. I have first-hand experience with this. I had changed my email address back in April shortly after when the email change functionality was available.

I purchased an additional camera In May and got a welcome email sent to both my old and new email addresses. I contacted Wyze support on this issue. Whenever support replied, the email was sent to my old email address with a copy to my new email address. In other words, my account was still registered under my old email address as the primary owner and my new email address is an “add-on” to the account.

In early July 2021, I set up a new email address and account. Support was able to transfer my Cam Plus subscriptions to my new account on my phone. However they were not able to move the Cam Plus subscriptions to my Wyze Services account, which was a separate system. The two systems were not linked! After considerable back and forth emails, earlier this week (July 19) I had them cancelled my Cam Plus subscriptions that were attached to my old email address and purchased them again in my new account. The lesson learned is that the Wyze email change function isn’t a real change. They merely add your new email as an alternative email and they don’t tell you the new email is really a secondary email. I found out that not all emails go to the secondary email which is why I decided to set up a new account with a new email. It’s still painful if you want to change your email address on your Wyze camera account.