Ability to Add Wyze doorbell chime selections

It would be nice to be able to add third party chimes tones in some way, such as for holidays such as Christmas and Halloween or for any reason.

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It would be better to make the doorbell work with Alexa and have a routine to make the audio you want to play.

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This is a cool idea! Don’t forget to vote for your own #wishlist item!

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This is a great idea I would actually use, please @WyzeTeam.

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Please allow us to upload our own short mp3’s to be used as a chime tone on our new Wyze doorbells.

it doesn’t seem that this is possible to play a custom file with alexa either.

you can’t upload files to amazon music anymore and the skills that allow you to upload/link custom files won’t automatically play a file when called.

I hope they add more selections of chimes because they are all pretty horrible and I can’t imagine most of them ever being used by anyone. I actually struggled to fine one I could accept and it’s just the cruddy doorbell 1 sound. I was so disappointed with the poor quality chimes they had on this thing. It’s a digital chime and they could have come up with some really great sounds or allowed for creation of our own to upload. I really hope the chimes can be updated via software and we are not restricted by what is on the chime.

I really want mine to sound like the doorbell Montana Max has in Tiny Toon Adventures, but thats just me.

The alexa skill “My Pod” will work with a custom MP3
The free version will suffice.

On the skill just pick custom text and put in “open my pod” if you only have one file uploaded or “open my pod and play x” to specify if you have more.

Make sure to disable the announce setting (this is on the mypod website) else it will say ‘ok playing x’ before actually playing it.

Theres also about a 20 second delay which is honestly a dealbreaker for me, so I hope Wyze will allow us to use custom files on the chime itself in the future.

Yes! Please add this! I don’t want to be mean but I really do not like the current chimes sounds at all. The default sound is the only one that isn’t ear-piercing or super annoying but I still do not really care for it. I would love to add my own sounds and I’m sure the company would see less returns as people who would normally return this due to not liking the sound effects would have less of a reason to return it. It would save the company money in the long run and it could be used in marketing as a one-up over the competition. Please make it happen!


I haven’t figured out to change it off of the original default sound. Where are the options?

In settings tap accessories, then tap the chime its hooked to, then tap tune

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