Ability to Access 2 accounts without signing out and in

I have camera groups im monitoring under 2 different accounts. I had 2 phones signed into each one, now im only going to be using one phone.

Sounds very useful. Of course you can use sharing for this, but helping my dad admin his account would be helpful in many non-sharing cases.

This is an absolute must add imo

I have the Wyze app setup just fine for home use - now work would like me to install them - and there is no way to management both from my phone. I don’t want to the work cameras on my personal account - if I log out of my personal account and log into a new work account, then I cannot get notifications for my personal account (cameras at home). And if I combine them in one account I will have the work camera features billed to my personal credit card, which I also do not want.

I have 2 accounts and need this to be able to see playback on each account I have to logoff and back on. Would being able to share playback with another user be easier?