Ability for Robot Vac to have multilevel maps, without needing user to switch manually

I could not find any similar idea in the Wishlist, so posting it. I am pretty sure that you guys must have thought of having multilevel (multi-floor) map support in your future. My idea is to make that seemless, without needing user to switch manually.

Rather than expecting user to select the map once the robo-vac is placed on a different floor, you can have multiple charging units per floor. Robo-vac can commnicate to the charging unit to determine which floor map to activate. All the user needs to do is pick the vac and drop it on the charging unit on a different floor and rest the smart vac will do itself.

Mod edit Added terms multi-level, multi-floor and multiple floor support to help with searchability

It is supposed to be added in an update. I hope it comes soon.


Not sure how much does it cost for the charging station, in spite of it, it should be added as an update to select the floor (Floor I Map, Floor II Map) and when it is done we can pick it up and attach it to the charging station. The multi-type floor gives the vacuum cleaner the flexibility to operate on the suction level etc. for ex. The carpet needs more suction and needs more time than a hard/tile floor as a hard floor/wood floor will move fast and easily.