Ability for Alexa to Trigger Wyze Rules

:loud_sound: “Alexa set Wyze to shortcut name"

You could use Alexa to Ifttt to Wyze.
Alexa “trigger” Wyze action. Then Ifttt can perform one of the Wyze actions it is authorized to perform, i.e. turn camera on/off, turn notifications on/off, etc.


IFTT cannot control Pan Scan at the moment though. :frowning:

I’m wanting a way to send my PanCam’s fully left or fully right whenever they’re disabled so it is obvious they are not “watching”.

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I don’t believe that can be done with Shortcuts.

Here’s the #roadmap topic where you can vote for more shortcut actions:

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I wish I could say Alexa I’m home or Alexa I’m leaving and it’ll automatically set the short cut I have created on my wyze app. That way I don’t have to go into the wyze app every time.


I want to walk into my house and say “Alexa, i’m home” within a routine. Then the motion sensor alerts turn off and vise versa.