AA Lithium Batteries in Wyze Lock

In a Wyze support article it’s stated that extended life AA’s should not be used in the Wyze Lock in place of standard alkaline AA’s:

“Note: All 4 batteries should be replaced at the same time, and should only be replaced with standard alkaline batteries. Rechargeable or Extended Life batteries shouldn’t be used with the Wyze Lock.”

I assume this is due to the nominal voltage difference with these types of batteries. However, Energizers Ultimate Lithium AA’s have the same nominal voltage as standard alkaline AA’s, 1.5V. Is there any reason that I couldn’t run these batteries to extend the replacement intervals?

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You are correct that the main reason not to was that most lithium batteries are 1.2V. There are some I know of that are running the Energizer Ultimate Lithium that are 1.5V. I have not seen any issues yet.

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I believe you mean that most rechargeable batteries (which are typically NiMH) are 1.2 volts, not lithium.

The only lithium batteries I am aware of that are AA and commonly available are the Energizer lithium (which can be used in 1.5 volt applications, but are typically 1.8 volts “out of the box”), and some relatively expensive lithium rechargeable AA batteries that have a built-in voltage regulator. There are 14500 type lithium ion rechargeable batteries that are similar in size to AA (and would normally fit), but those are over twice the voltage (3.7 or 3.2 volts, depending on the exact lithium chemistry).

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Yes you are correct, thank you for correcting that.

I have a Yale Z-wave lock. They say not to use lithium batteries due to the inability of the lock to accurately read the remaining charge. They always read 100% until dead.

Notice that my August lock doesn’t seem to like the lithium batteries. They would last a week or two and start saying battery low even though they show 1.5 using a meter.

So here we are almost 2 years later, what is your conclusion on the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries? I am currently using the standard Energizer batteries and the life on them is not so great.

I have switched to Lithium Ion AA batteries in most of my other non Wyze devices for one reason, they don’t leak when in a low power state. But I have noticed that they seem to drain down more quickly.

I’ve had too many devices I don’t use that often and forgot to take the batteries out. Alkaline batteries emit a corrosive white substance when left in a low power state for a long time, which damages the contacts in the battery holder. It was much worse prior to Alkaline batteries, they emitted a corrosive brown liquid that really made a mess.