A Wyzecam Christmas Camouflage


Just a festive wrapped wyzecam hanging out in the Christmas tree with the holiday spiders. The holiday spiders are to distract from the wyzecam



these come in black?? O.o


There was a limited edition run of black cameras for black Friday. They may or may not return (but if they do, they will cost something more than $20 because they cost more to make).


I hope they come back! But honest curiosity… why does the black plastic cost more? you’re just replacing white pellets with black in the hopper. :confused:

I just got my first Wyze V2 today! totally ordering more next month! (Year? lol). hopefully we get RTSP soon! I’d replace all my indoor cameras with these if they worked with my server!


I’m not sure, but I vaguely remember seeing something about more expensive material or process to get the right sheen on the black plastic.


yea, that makes sense, I’d love to have about 20 of the black ones!


I bought 3 of the black cams and wish I could have gotten more. They blend in so much better. You can hardly notice it here peeking between the top of the curtains!


that’s awesome!


Could’ve place more orders. I think it was just limited to three per order.


To those looking for a way to get an all black Wyze Cam, I’ve been prototyping some vinyl wraps in matte black and other colors along with some polarizing lenses. I can definitely post up a link once they’re finished and available.


Yes please do!


Hard to believe you can’t get die cut wraps in your choice of colors for these…


I totally get it, I’m trying to provide just that. PM or email me and I’ll send you some prototypes now that I’m back in town.


it wouldn’t be too hard to paint the white ones though.


Looks good


So did you get video of Santa???


No. Come to find out, Santa is afraid of spiders. Good lord, just luck.


Who isn’t afraid of spiders


Nobody should be afraid of Christmas spiders. Bought at after-halloween clearance sale getting another chance to fulfill destiny. Decked out with glitter fangs, mouth, eyes, nails and circle on back (like black widow belly). Anything with glitter automatically deemed good.